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Stefanie Joosten and the making of the Quiet character

October 27, 2014

Stefanie Joosten is a name your going to hear more and more as time goes on, and for good reason too. She plays the role of the mute sniper Quite in the new Metal Gear Solid 5 game in production. Konami has just released a new 3D scan and motion capture video which demonstrates how as she poses, multiple cameras are used for the character she will be playing.

You can see from the two comparison images below how the essence of capturing a live person is place into MGS5, some fine Fox Engine work at its best.

The video also shows some crouching and other animation taking place. The main focus as you can see in the video is to get the facial structure just right. Use a dozen high tech cameras, proper lighting / scanning and you have yourself a new Metal Gear character!

There also has been a bit of controversy over the use of Stefanie Joosten as a rather "erotic and sexy" character. Something Hideo Kojima wanted to implement into The Phantom Pain. But that matter, is for another post. Both of those links should put things into a better perspective for you.


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