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Student orchestra at the Federico Santa María Technical University plays Castlevania music

December 14, 2015

It's becoming more and more of an icon with video gamers out there. That being video game music soundtracks. For those of you who move in Castlevania circles will be glad to see this sort of thing happening, as now it's even bled into Federico Santa María Technical University.

The student orchestra there is no stranger to game music, as they along with so many other groups often do it live on stage in front of a massive crowd. Remember the Castlevania Concert? Yeah, a live orchestra solely dedicated to reproducing soundtracks to hit titles such as Symphony of the Night, Bloodlines, Super Castlevania IV, and more.

So where might one get a ticket and see this sort of thing happening right in front of them? Well, if you live in Chile or near it then you're in luck. Otherwise the next concert will be coming around the bend for your area.

The student orchestra along with the Choir of St. Mary's University play "Wood Carving Partita" from Symphony of the Night, along with other titles include as well, such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and even Chrono Trigger. 

The orchestra had some comments about their performance, and stating that it brings some nostalgia and excitement from your childhood. Who hasn't heard game music and wouldn't remember some of these classic gems right? Take a look below for Wood Carving Partita, and follow to YouTube if you would like to see even more of their videos.

They are certainly worth checking out, especially if you are a classic gamer as myself.

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