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Suikoden cosplay acts from fans like you've never seen before

November 18, 2015

Another year, and another round of Suikoden Day has taken place with fans from all around the world. You heard right, this is another one of those chances where we gaming fanatics get to experience other fans and friends from all walks of life and other countries. Each year Suikoden fans from across the globe gather on Facebook, where they discuss their favorite game, have fun and talk about various aspects of the series, post their photos of their collections and other items that tickle their fancy, and just plain have fun to boot.

With all the turmoil taking place in the world, it's nice to see kind and loving friends take part in something special that can bring us all together. If a cool game series like Suikoden can do it, anything is possible right?

What is also possible and is quite a reality is fans sending in some of their best cosplay performances. Aside from dishing out a fun experience with one another, fans also send in their cosplay acts where they dress up like their favorite character from Suikoden games, and share them with other fans, usually in a competition to see who is the best of the best when it comes to life imitating art, and sometimes vice versa.

Below I personally have gathered up a number of all the ones I could find during the period where cosplay photos were posted. This should be most of the, but scrolling back through everything took some time, so if I left out any that you may know of, then my apologies.

There are about 14 to gaze upon below, so take to the comment section and let me know which one you thought was number one in your book!

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