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Suikoden fan fiction straight from the hearts of fans - Marina Paez Andreo

November 26, 2015

This kicks off a first part of a multiple part series for fan fiction. Fiction that is, from fans of the Suikoden series. Suikoden Day for this year has come and gone, and while it will be an entire year before we gather our beloved friends for another round of gossip, sharing, and exchanges about our favorite Japanese role playing game, here are some nice tidbits to tide you over until then.

To start off, this one is from a young lady by the name of Marina Paez Andreo who sent in a post during the event this year, and what a great one it is. Check it out below and comment on what you like about it.

Competition Category: Fanfiction

Name: Hildi Nararya

Location: Indonesia

Title: New Journey

Cast: Riou, Jowy, Nanami, Pilika, Jillia, and Mukumuku

Comment: This prolog is inspired by the official art that depict the trio few years aftermath of the war. Riou now with his long sleeved red typical chinese clothes and Nanami with his pink themed, not so much different with before.

Jowy’s look is renewed with his short hair and together with Jillia and Pilika between them are following behind his most precious friends. Mukumuku clinged in the Riou’s backpack and he looks forward to have a picnic’s bread and fruits that brought by Nanami.

Posting the entry: Upload on my behalf

Somewhere in the vast green plain. The peaceful scenery that maybe people will hardly believed that there are once a war broke in this part of region. The war that started few years before between the Highland and the Dunan armies. So many people left homeless because of it.

So many tragedies that ended with the winner in Dunan’s side. At last the peace that hoped by so many innocent regained, but they will never forget the bravery of one youngster that led the Dunan Armies.

“Mukumuku, can you see the spot?”

“Mu, mu, mu!!”

The little squirrel wearing a red cape standing in the head of the once the brave young leader of the Dunan army seems spotted the spot that mentioned by his loyal friend.

“Is it still far, Riouuu?”

“Just a little more Nanami!”

Far in the back following their trail is Nanami, the Riou’s adopted sister that bringing their lunch for the today picnic. She run forward passing the low part of the plain, cant be patient anymore because she longed these little event from a long ago.

“Aunt Nanamiii, wait for meee,”

The little girl is Pilica. She is grown into a happy girl once more in the Jillia’s care and her beloved uncle Jowy that always be with her now.

“Pilica, be careful,”

Jillia, the former Highland’s princess that now live peacefully under the protection of the former Highland’s king, Jowy Blight. They lived their little family far from the bustling of the capital city. Only few of Highlands know their whereabout. Jowy always make sure that whenever he go travelling with Riou and Nanami, he will first visit his beloved wife and niece. For today, the trio decided to make a party not far from Jillia’s home.

“Im sorry  to have you experienced these kind of life, “

“No, you dont need to sorry. I always wanted these and only you that can make it true.”

Jowy who bringing the matt for their picnic came from behind. Now with his new looks, not everybody can recognize him as the former King Blight’s. His gray jacket that specially prepared by Jillia before hand seems suited with his taste.

“Uncle Jowy, Aunt Jillia, come ooon,”

Pilica take both their hand and pull them to catch out with Nanami. Jillia and Jowy smiled to each others.


“Oops, the apple almost fall. Thank you, Mukumuku.”



“Riouuu, is this the place, right? Jowyyy, please prepare the matt. Jilliaaa lets prepare the food.”

“Hey Jowy, is Jillia create more dish for us too? you know Nanami....”

“Dont worry, Riou!”

Both of them laugh and smiling knowing that they already experienced bizzare dish from Nanami. They once have to stay longer in some  villages after ate Nanami’s dish. Even the Bright Shield Rune cannot be used to fix their stomach back then. They didnt know why.

“Thank you so much, Riou.”

“Eh you said something Jowy?”

“No, i’am not, “ he smiled, “come on, lets clean the matt first. It is so long since last we use it.”

When both of them preparing the place, Pilica and Mukumuku playing run and catch not far from it. She stumbled upon something and almost fall flat on the face.

“Mukumuku, it seems something buried here. Lets dig it!”

She continue to dig that she find a cracked stone with a unique mark on it.

“Huh? Its really like the mark on the L’Renouille palace back then. Mukumuku, what do you think about it?”


“Youre right, i should just leave it here. Uncle Jowy will be mad if i bring something like this.”

“Pilica~! The food is ready! Come here.”

“Yeah, aunt Nanami. I’ll be there! Lets go, Mukumuku!”

Both of them return and didnt know that what they just saw is the beast mark of the Beast True Rune. It is said that the rune after defeated by Riou run away from the palace and no one saw it again. Buried in some unknown plain is the fate of these once great rune wrongly used by Luca Blight. Some wild wolf probably the one who buried it there.

“So what do you think we should visit next, Riou?”

Jowy started a talk while cut his bread and bring it to Jillia who will give the bread a grape jam.

“How about Falena, Riouuuu? I’d like to meet the queen there. Many people that has gone to there said that the queen is really kind and young. The commander, who is her brother, capture many girls heart with his charisma and have a silver hair like prince in many story. Ahhh, we should visit them!!”

Nanami raise her hand while her mouth still full with her portion of bread.

“Yeah, maybe thats a good idea. i’d love to visit it Falena next. Mr. Georg also recommend it when i met him not long ago. It was his friend’s country.”

“Eh, Mr.Georg is the prince’s friend?!” Nanami couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Who is Mr. Georg?”

Jillia who seems lost from the topic asking hesitantly by whispering to his husband.

“He is a swordman that helped Riou before.  I remembered that Leon once obstructed by an army that led by someone named Georg that made him fail. Yuber got routed too in the last war by him, eventhough he alone counter it with his rune.

He fought together with Riou on the Beast Rune. Riou told me that this Georg Prime is a former general in Falena Queendom and old Gregminster when Barbarossa Rugner still reign.”

“He seems like not some ordinary person.”

“Yeah we met him not a long ago in our travel, he really love cheesecake you know. Well, Riou said jokingly that he is in journey to find the greatest cheesecake in the world,” Jillia can’t help to laugh when she heard it.

Nanami suddenly shouted,

“Then it is decided then! Falena Queendom!”

“Can uncle Jowy bring Pilika too?” ask the little girl, “i want travelling too..”

Their little picnic continued with Riou and Jowy who got stomacache because they fail to chose which one are Nanami’s dish in all of the prepared food. All of them laugh together then. 

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