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Suikoden game character reference in Diablo 3

October 5, 2014

For you Suikoden fans, you may find this a bit interesting. It seems there is a Suikoden 2 game character reference located within the popular Diablo 3 game. Indeed, and it is none other than that super hard to beat boss that we all love to hate, Luca Blight. Oh yes, remember him? What you probably remember is having to fight him on more than one occasion, since he was REALLY hard to beat. Like, hard to beat as in having to defeat him more than once, and having a shred of life left after all was said and done. Well in the wake of being a hard fight to win, he has been reborn once again thank to the development team for the Diablo III expansion pack.

According to a post at Kotaku, who was brought to attention for this by a Tweet from Phil Caron, (see the Internet is worse than the grape vine) the name of the character in question is called none other than......"Lu'ca - Blight Beast" . Sounds appropriate right?, and while you now know that at least one person among Blizzard's staff is a Suikoden fan, one can easily see why the series must not die. One day I hope Konami takes note of all the attention it still gets, and brings out either a new part 6 to the series, or as was mentioned from the source page, make an HD version set of 1-5. That would make a nice gift for a friend now wouldn't it? It bring back some great memories.


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