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Suikoden makes the grade with the ladies during a survey

December 5, 2014

Women know what they want alright, including when it comes to gaming. Says who? So says a survey conducted recently by Sony with Japanese gamers between the ages of teens and 60s. For what reason you ask? To get a list of the best of the best Playstation games released in the last 20 years to see what was hot and what was not.

On one such list involved women and their desire for a remake or sequel, in which Suikoden ranks in at #17. Not surprising at all, considering that it is quite literally one of the best and cool rpg games to ever grace the Playstation One system. So much so that even though Suikoden 2 was a limited print by Konami that was in production for a short time, it still made quite an impact amongst gamers world wide.

Of course, I think the number should have been higher, but that's just me. Oh where can I find a knowing ear for those who want to relive those days and connect with other like minded people? Well, your answer is right around the corner.

The Suikoden Revival Movement was started a few years ago on Facebook and has been thriving ever since. So much so that at one point they even caught the eye of Konami themselves for a one on one interview which discusses the importance of the series and how great the desire is to see it brought back to life. Who can blame them? I knew that was the place for me, and now I have the honor of being one of the promoters of the SRM, which I take very seriously, and here is where I make the sales pitch. I invite you to come and join us on our Facebook page, and give us a like while your at it.

We are currently over 25,000 strong in numbers with supporters from all around the world. So please drop by and feel free to make a few friends in the process. Our goal is crystal clear, as we would like nothing more than to see the first two Suikoden games brought back onto other formats such as PSVita, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and even iOS and Android would be a nice touch.

Recently the ESRB just gave the second title a rating, which usually suggests that it's fixing to make a debut on some lonely system out there. While not the biggest victory in the world, it is a nice start for you and I to cling to. So make yourself known and say hi while showing your support as we keep the Suikoden spirit alive. Without motivation, there is no reason for change.

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