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Suikoden mangas for those who can't get enough of the best RPG games

June 1, 2015

Suikoden has been around for some time now. Going all the way back to nearly the dawn of the first Playstation console. So much so that it has sparked more than 6 titles in its wake, including one for the Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS hand held systems. Now that Konami has decided to release the first three games in the series, which are hailed as being the best of the best of them all, it seems only fair to spread knowledge of its manga.

For Suikoden III that is. Yes, there just so happens to be not one, but multiple instances of it, and if you've ever played the third installment in the series for the Playstation 2, then you know what I mean. A real tear jerker that one is.

While you and I are sitting around waiting on the next new Suikoden game to be made, and I'm pretty sure we both want one, there are a number of mangas you can read in the meantime. Mangafox hosts quite a number of mangas, with Suikoden 3 being one of them for sure. They have an entire army of others for your reading pleasure, some based on games, while others are based on anime stories and whatnot. 

As with any article I do about the series, I also want to take yet another opportunity to invite you to our Revival Movement page on Facebook, where you can meet up with other friends who love the best RPG game series ever made. There are well over 26,000 of us so far, and our numbers are steadily growing all the time.

With Konami having released the first 3 games, we are hoping to get the final two out on the Playstation Network, and possibly on Steam someday. Also be sure to check out our official webpage, where you can keep up with the latest updates and news for future and current events. Now watch our video, and make sure your lights are down, and your speakers are up.

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