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Suikoden music never felt so good when played on the piano

November 9, 2015

Imagine listening to Suikoden music, but with somewhat of a jazzy feeling to it. Make that ambient, or you know what.....fill in the blank if you will. Because the feeling you get when listening to game music from the first three titles in the series is wonderful no matter how you slice it. This time the piano takes a stab at it, and for good reason too.

It sounds too awesome to put into words, and it something that has to be experience to be believed. Songs like "Reminiscence" and "An Old Irish Song", are just two of my personal favorites and the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what has to be one of the best video game soundtracks in the history of gaming.

For sometime now fans have been waiting for a new Suikoden game to take place, and while Konami has been going through a sort of "transition" period, restructuring their company and making some upper management decisions on what titles they will focus on next, the future of the series is undetermined at best.

Fortunately for the newer generation of gamers out there, Konami saw fit to reintroduce the first three games so far onto the Playstation Network, all three of which are a must have for any JRPG fan out there. Believe me when I say you could do a lot worse than to add those gems to your collection, as they are both cheap and great works of art.

This piano collection contains about 25 tracks in total, and for you Castlevania fans you should recognize a familiar name that added her skill to the mix, Michiru Yamane. Making music for vampire games isn't her only forte to say the least.

So sit back, turn your speakers up, and take a listen to these piano mix renditions of some of the best of the best in Suikoden music, and then fire away in the comment section below for which ones you like the most. While your at it, visit us on our official Facebook page for the Suikoden Revival Movement, and give us a like while keeping up to date on new posts and news feeds!

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