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Suikoden - The Forgotten Story, a fan fiction tale from the heart of a die hard fan

November 29, 2015

This marks the 5th and final installment of fan fiction for the Suikoden series, and another great story made by one of the die hard fans from the recent Suikoden Day event. These are among a number of competition entries that took place, each getting praise from other fans in the process.

Each year fans of what has to be the greatest role playing game series ever created gather on Facebook to share each others fan made material. Such material can be cosplay, artwork, music renditions of game music, and of course, this little nugget of joy which is fan fiction.

It's all great stuff they share each year, and makes for some good reading material. Inspiration doesn't happen overnight, unless you are a relentless Suikoden fan that is. Take a look below, and then comment on what you think of it. Then feel free to check out the links at the bottom to other fan fictions stories.

                 Suikoden: The Forgotten story

Chapter 1 – Danger from the past


„Alex, Anna, wake up!” Sharp voice is heard as the middle aged man enters the room.

„What's the matter father? What is going on?” Teenage boy asked still half asleep.

“There is no time to explain! Take your sister and run! Get away from here before it’s too late!” Man continues to speak while raising his voice.

“Albert they are here!! They are trying to break inside!” Woman’s voice is heard from the other side of the house.

“Alex, Anna, please run! Escape through the window!” Albert begged with panic in his voice.

“You mustn’t let them catch you!”

“But daddy, what about you and mommy?” Anna asked trying to hold out her tears.

“Don’t worry about us hunny. Mommy and I will be joining you soon. We just have to make sure that the bad people don’t follow you.” Then after a short pause Albert turned to his son. “Alex, listen very carefully. Find someplace safe to hide and wait there until night falls, then under a cover of darkness live the town and go to Sol Falena! You’ll be safe there!”

“Yes father.” Alex said obediently.

“Take care of your sister! Go!” After he said that, Albert quickly ran to help his wife.

“Took you long enough.” Woman said jokingly. “Are they gone?”

Albert nodded in confirmation then began to speak. “How many are we facing?”

“Five as far as I can tell, but there could me more of them coming.” Woman calmly answered.

“Only five? Is Takefute underestimating us?” Albert said with a little disappointment.

“I highly doubt it. That man always has something up his sleeve.”

And just as she said that the door broke under a pressure and five men entered the house.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A couple of traitors and deserters. Did you really think you can just live the group?” Said the man closest to Albert and his wife.

“Takefute, so you came personally to greet us, I am honored. And yes, we are tired of doing the dirty work for the Nether Gate. We wanted out, deal with it!” Albert said spitefully.

“You know things don’t work like that. Once you become a member you are a member for life.” Takefute then turned to Albert’s wife: “And how about you Rose? You were always the smarter one. Do you also want out?”

“Yes, I stand by my husband decision.” Rose said firmly.

“Such a shame. I guess your daughter will have to suffice.”

“Over my dead body! STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!” Albert shouts angrily.

“If it comes to that, of course.” Takefute said with a smug on his face. “Now let’s get this over with.”

Meanwhile Alex and Anna have managed to slip away from their house. But just as they were about to find cover until the night comes, Alex suddenly felt a sting in his neck and moment later he loses consciousness. The last thing he heard before he passed out was a crying voice of his younger sister.  

It was impossible for him to determine how long he was unconscious, but when he finally woke up Alex found himself in a dark and stuffy room with just barely any light and air coming in from a small barred window. As he tried to regain his senses someone gently grabbed him from behind and spoke to him in dim voice:

“Easy, you still haven’t fully recovered. You have been drugged by a sleeping drug called Dark Arcanum. You’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

“Who are you, where am I?” Alex asked weakly.

“A friend.” Woman said softly. “I’m Noa. This other two guys are Nicolas and Howard.” Both men nodded in union then Nicolas began to speak. “And to answer your other part of question, this is Nether Gate secret training facility.”

“Net- Nether Gate?! That assassin organization! ” Alex said in a shock. Then he immediately asked another question: “Have you seen a little girl with black hair and sparkling dark-blue eyes?”

“Sorry, you were the only one who was brought here two days ago.” Nicolas answered.

“You shouldn’t worry about the girl. They need her. They wouldn’t hurt her. At least not physically.  You should more worry about yourself!” Howard interrupted after which everyone present turned to him.

“What do you mean by that?” Noa asked.

“Think about it. “ Howard continued to talk. “This is a training facility. They train all young kids in their sick arts of assassination, so they can mold them to their liking into perfect killing machines. But us, all of us, we are too old for them. We can’t be effectively “programed” to do their bidding.”

“Then why do they keep us here?!” Noa asked in frustration. “You’ll all find out soon enough.” Howard said that with a sorrowful smile. After he said those words Howard walked to the corner of a room and silently sat on a floor.


Chapter 2 – A new life


As soon as she was brought to a secret underground facility Anna’s blindfold was removed from her. As she opened her eyes she saw an enormous room filled with all kind of torturing devices she has never seen before, one scarier than the other. While she was looking around the room tall woman dressed all in black approached the small scared girl, leaned over to her and with a playful voice spoke to her:

“Your name is Anna isn’t it?”

“Ye-yes mam.” Anna answers shyly.

“WRONG!!”  Woman slaps the young girl hard across her face. “Your name is Mismar!  Remember that!!”

Anna didn’t say anything. She just softly rubbed part of her cheek where the woman has hit her.

“Let try this again.” Tall woman continued to talk. “Is your name Anna?”

Black haired girl hesitated for a second thinking what would be the right answer to say,  then after picking up some courage she spoke: “No mam. My name is Mismar.” Anna answers with obvious fear in her voice.

Tall woman stood there silently for a minute with no emotions showing whatsoever, and then all of a sudden she turned to a nearest Nether gate assassin: “You there! Take our guest to her room!”

“Yes mam!” Nether Gate assassin answers obediently then grabs young Anna’s hand and drags her to a room. Once she was inside assassin abruptly slams and locks the door behind her and then continues to stand guard outside the room.

The room itself was quite large with ten bunk beds in a row, five on each side of the room. There were already ten children in the room, none older than eight or nine years old. Out of all of them the oldest one steps forward and greets the young newcomer.

“So you are a new recruit… I guess. What is your name?”

“Ann…Mismar!” Anna corrects herself in time.

“Hahaha, I see you have already been introduced to our teacher Kayanu. Don't worry every new recruit goes through that kind of introduction. Just follow the rules and stay on her good side and you’ll be fine. By the way, my name is Michafute but you can call me Dolph.”

Anna didn’t answer anything to Dolph, she just stood there for a minute motionless, unresponsive to anything around her, and then suddenly she begins to shake, her legs became heavy and moment later she falls to her knees and begins to cry, as if all bottled up emotions came uncontrollably bursting out all at ones.

None of the other kids approached her. They all knew what she was going through, as they themselves have gone through the same emotional shock when they were brought up here. And besides all that what could they possibly say or do to make her feel better?


Chapter 3 – Dark training begins


Next morning Alex woke up all curled up sleeping on the ground. Before he opened his eyes Alex desperately hoped that all that has happened last night was just a bad dream, and when he open his eyes his baby sister will be standing next to his bed enthusiastically urging him to get up.

But as he opened his eyes harsh reality began to soak in. He wasn’t safely sleeping in his bed, Anna wasn’t next to him trying to wake him up, and his parents weren’t in the kitchen making them breakfast.  Thousand questions began to wonder his mind.

Why was this happening, where was his sister, was she safe, and one question that most scared him; was all of this their parents fault? One of the last words his father said to him still haunts him: “You mustn’t let them catch you!”

Their parents knew who those people were and what they were looking for and Alex didn’t want to believe that their parents were members of Nether Gate. Then all of a sudden Alex began to feel pain in his back. As he turned to determine source of the pain Alex saw an angry Nether Gate assassin hitting him on the back and urging him to get up.

“Get up!” assassin shouts. “Today is your first day to earn your right to live!”  And then he grabbed Alex by the arm and starts pushing him toward the door. Alex didn’t try to resist. He knew that doing so would only provoke an already aggressive maniac, and he wasn’t in position to put up any resistance.

After a few minutes of being pushed Alex found himself in what seem to be arena made up for gladiator fights, almost perfect smaller replica of the one in Stormfist which is used for the Sacred Games. When Alex entered arena assassin finally let him go and then he leaves without saying a word. 

“Hey what am I supposed to be doing here?!”  Alex shouts at the leaving assassin but he got no answer in return. Then a moment later a gate begins to open on the other side of arena and out of it a tall woman all in black begins to approach Alex.

Behind her two assassins fallows her and then in the middle Alex saw someone which shocked him.

“Anna!!” Alex shouts at the top of his lungs and then begins running toward her.

“Brother?!” but before she could say anything else Alex falls on the ground and begins yelling in pain as if he was electrocuted by lighting magic.

Anna immediately grabs tall woman Kayanu by the sleeve and begins to beg.  “STOP PLEASE!”

Kayanu moves her finger from a device that she was holding in her hand and at the same moment pain left Alex.

“I didn’t bring you here so you could have a happy family reunion!”  Kayanu answers angrily.  Then she lessens her tone a bit and continues to talk: “Now then Mismar, it’s time for your training to begin.”

“My training?”  Anna asked confused.

“That’s right. Your training as the Nether Gate assassin.” Then she takes out a dagger from her backpack and gives it to Anna.  “Now, attack him!” Kayanu ordered.

“But he is my brother! I can’t attack my brother!” Moment she said that Alex immediately falls on the ground and begins to yell in pain. “Ok, ok I will attack him now! Please stop hearting him!” Anna said that sobbing.

As soon as Alex recovered Anna dashed toward her brother while tears were falling down her cheeks.  Alex easily repelled her sister attacks much to Kayanu annoyment, who was getting more and more annoyed with performance of young Anna.  

When she finally lost her patience she pushed black haired girl aside, took the dagger from her, and attacked Alex herself with such fury and skill that young man couldn’t follow for long.  He immediately took a defensive stance but even that was not enough against chief trainer of assassins.

She took a few precise swings with her dagger which immediately disarmed the young boy, and then she with unmanageable speed went behind him and put the dagger under Alex’s throat, ending the fight.

“This is how you do it!” Kayanu spoke to Anna letting Alex go at the same time. “I expect you to do better next time! If you don’t!” Kayanu just for a second pressed the button on her device momentarily dropping Alex on the floor. 

Then she turned to one of the assassins that was with her and ordered him:  “We are done for today. Take the boy back to his room!” Assassin slightly bowed to the chief instructor then he roughly grabbed Alex and took him back while Anna just helplessly watched how she was yet again being separated from her brother. 

When Alex was finally brought back to a room where he was been held he dropped to a floor and desperately began to punch his fist to the ground which brought attention of his fellow prisoners:

“Alex, are you ok?! What happened?!” Noa first approached him as she asked a question.

“They are monsters! MONSTERS!!” Alex yelled finally letting out all the rage he was holding back.

“They forced her to fight me! MY baby sister! They forced her and there was nothing I could do! They even tortured me when she refused!”

“Alex I’m sorry.” Nicolas added softly.

“Hahaha, I told you, didn’t I?” Howard inserted himself. “Now you all know why we are all here. We are dummies for their practice. That’s why they are keeping us alive. And your sister. She is already a lost cause. She is right now being brainwashed into becoming their obedient soldier. 

You can’t save her! You can’t even save yourself. Hahaha.”

“Shut your mouth or I will shut it for you! Nicolas shouted to Howard angrily.

“Don’t listen to him Alex. We’ll save your sister. We’ll find a way out. I know it. Just don’t give up hope!” Noa tried to comfort him. 


Chapter 4 – Hope of change


Two years have passed since Alex and Anna imprisonment. In the outside world a lot had happened in that time. Succession conflict has ended and a lot of members of royal family died by the hand of Nether Gate assassins.

The new selected queen Arshtat along with her husband and commander of the Queen’s knights Ferid, successfully repelled invasion of the neighboring Armes kingdom and after that began to rebuild war devastated Falena, but in here,  in this forsaken underground secret Nether Gate facility life was hardly affected by the outside events.

Alex and the rest of the prisoners continued to be good target for practicing. Anna and other less fortuned kids were day by day becoming more and more cold blooded murderers and less and less human.

But in that entire desperate situation a hope of change was showing on horizon. Queen Arshtad and commander Ferid publicly announced campaign of eradicating Nether Gate organization, news that wasn’t taken lightly by the Nether Gate leaders.

Day by day news began coming in of Nether Gate assassins being arrested or killed in combat by the Queen’s knights and Alex saw this as a perfect opportunity for him to rescue his sister and to escape from this wretched place. Noa, Nicolas and Alex began to make plans how to contact Queen’s knights and tell them the location of a secret facility.

“We need to find a way to let the Queen’s Knights know about this place, but how? We can’t escape. Even if we managed to slip by the guards there is no way we can avoid all the traps Nether Gate has placed at the exit.” Nicolas wisely commented.

“Is there any way to deactivate the traps?” Alex asked

“There is only one way. “ Howard interrupted.  Head of assassins Kayanu, device she carries with her is the only thing that can deactivate the traps.” Immediately he said that the other three prisoners took grim expression as they knew that obtaining that device would be next to impossible.

“I’ll do it. I will get you that device.” Howard continued to talk as he saw that others were about to give up.

“It is suicide! You can’t beat Kayanu! No one can! We’ll think of something else!” Alex tried to persuade Howard.

“You surprise me Alex.  You were the last one I expected to come to my defense after how I have been treating you.” Howard took a short pause then he continued to talk: “I have already made my mind. It is the only way. You three should go towards the exit and wait there until I deactivate traps, then make a run for it!”

Nicolas approached Howard, puts his arm on Howards shoulder and just shortly says: “Good luck, you’ll need it.” 

Moment later Howard exits the room and tried to get unnoticed to chief trainer office.  Strangely as he was sneaking through dark hallways he didn’t saw any Nather Gate guards and without any trouble he finally made it to Kayanu’s office.

As he cautiously opened the door, to his surprise he found out that the office was empty. Howard quickly enters the office and silently closes the door behind him, and then he immediately begins looking for the device. As he was looking throughout the room suddenly door opens and immediately woman voice called to Howard:

“What do we have here? Dirty little rat who is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong! You are looking for this, aren’t you, rodent? Kayanu asked pointing to device she was holding in her hand.

 “You think those wracked Queen’s knights are your key to freedom. Maybe they are but you won’t live long enough to see them rescue you. And same goes for your pathetic little friends. You will all regret the day you decided to stand against Nether Gate!”


Chapter 5 – Tragic end and a new beginning


“It has already been 10 minutes; do you think he didn’t make it?” Noa asked nervously.

“I don’t know. Whatever happened we can’t stay here in the open.”  As Alex said that he grabbed a stone and tossed it at booby trapped area. Immediately all jumped for cover as they expected a volley of arrows hitting the corridor but to their surprise nothing happened.

“He did it! Howard actually disabled the traps!” Nicolas said in a shock.

“But what should we do now? Should we wait for him?” Noa asked.

“No, we mustn’t lose this chance. We have to make contact with the Queen’s knights at all cost!” Alex urged them to go on with Nicolas agreeing. When they finally reached the end of the corridor they found a ladder leading to a shaft on the ceiling.

As they opened the shaft and climbed the ladder to their surprise they found themselves in an old wooden shack which Nicolas immediately recognized as the one in the Western woods just west of Stormfist.  Immediately after that they exit the hut and what they saw then shocked them all.

“ANNA!!” Alex yelled unwilling to believe his eyes. After long two years his baby sister was finally there with him. He didn’t bother to ask how or why she was here. She was free and they could at last escape to safety together.

“Alex wait, there is something wrong with her!!” Noa tried to worn Alex but it was too late. He has already run towards Anna and hugged his sister. But to everyone shock Anna slowly pulled out dagger from her belt and without hesitation with one precise move cuts throat of her older brother.

Alex instantly falls on the ground with blood gushing down his neck. With barely any strength he tries to reach his hands toward his sister but within few seconds his hands falls to the ground and then he dies. Anna just stood there silently staring at her dead brother’s body with cold emotionless eyes as if she didn’t know or care what she just did.

After seeing what just happened before their eyes Noa and Nicolas without saying a word just ran as fast as they could from Anna.

They didn’t stop running, they wouldn’t dare.  But Anna didn’t bother with other two. In fact she didn’t even pay any attention to them or to anything around her for that matter. She just continued silently and motionlessly to stand next to dead body of her brother.

Hours passed and finally Queen’s knights have found the place where Nether Gate training facility was standing. As they approached the abandon structure they noticed a lone girl standing next to a body of a young teenage boy.

“Commander Ferid, over here quickly sir! There’s a little girl here! Elderly queen’s knight urgently called Ferid

“What is it Galleon?” then after he sees horrified scene he immediately rushes towards the young girl. “It will be okay honey. You are safe now. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

The young girl looked Ferid with blank yet beautiful dark-blue eyes and then suddenly she firmly grabs unto him and silently begins to weep. 

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