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Super Castlevania IV Reborn needs your help to continue development

January 11, 2015

Fans of classic Castlevania games can rejoice, as a remake for Super Castlevania IV has been in the works for a while now. Fan made games and remakes are nothing new, but I always love it when someone finally steps up to the plate and creates a game that is worthy of a second look. The long time running series is getting up into its late 20s in age now, and while the series has mostly pumped out titles that are successful, there are still some that seriously need some more attention, and serve as a catalyst for future games like it. Reborn has it all, as you can tell from the video below.

The cast of enemies you've come to know from the fourth installment range from your usual bats, skeletons, and other creatures of the night. The difference is that when you hit a skeleton, bones fly off rather than just the skeleton falling to a pile of bones. Bats vanquish in a mist of blood rather than the usual fashion of just sort of disappearing as usual.

There are other improvements as shown in the video. Foreground objects block the view of your character, which is a nice added touch along with the thick and ever so slightly translucent fog you encounter. The soundtrack has been remastered to an all new score that is very impressive to say the least. I had to pump up the volume to get a better taste of what I was hearing when I heard it. 

If Reborn gets finished to its logical conclusion, Castlevania fans will be looking at a game for multiple computer formats that will have them coming back for more.

However, there is just one problem. The project has been put on hold for a very desperate reason, and one that I hope one of you who is reading this will be able to assist with. The developer needs a programmer to help out with finishing the coding for the game. If that is you, then by all means please get in touch with the developer and see what you can do to help out.

This is one title that needs some serious attention. The prospect of having Castlevania 4 given this kind of an upgrade is one that many of you would want to see become a reality! Check out the official Facebook page for more on it, and Allgamers for other information.

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