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Super Contra hailed as a run and gun shooter worth having portable

October 28, 2014

Even if you aren't in the right age group to remember playing Super Contra, or Super C as it is actually called when it was first released so long ago, which was way back in the Nintendo 8-bit days, you can still enjoy this timeless classic right now in the palm of your hands. Thanks to of course, the fact it is one of the classic titles that was picked to land on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for download.

At a mere $4.99, you can obtain this Konami game classic Run and Gun type shooter as a part of your classic game collection. I can personally vouch that it looks even better on an XL size DSi or 3DS LL screen if you do decide to make it a part of your collection. Originally released in 1988, this sequel to the first Contra game is very similar in most respects, except this time the bosses and enemies are even more fierce than before.

There are of course, some other differences to note about Super Contra as opposed to the first one.

Super C had a few key differences to note than its predecessor Contra did before it. Contra had those "shoulder view" 3/4 type perspective levels, while in Super C they were replaced with top down perspective type levels. Super C also had inclined levels that moved up as you climbed up. Also while the power ups were very similar, there was a few differences, such as the fireball power up you had in Contra.

In Super C when fired it spun around in a clockwise fashion. Interesting enough, Super C in Europe was actually called by a totally different name altogether. Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces was its title over there. The old Konami code is somewhat reversed and a tad different too for Super C.

While the Contra code Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start gives you 30 men, in Super C you only get 10 men by pressing Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, Start. For the European version, you get 30, and for the Japanese version, you hold A & B together, minus the Start button this time for 30 men.

OK, where was I, yeah, lost in thought I know. If your interested in downloading Super C for your Nintendo 3DS system, you can do so as always through the 3DS eShop, where quite a few more classics are sitting there waiting. The direct link for it is here.

The video below is a long play video someone posted on YouTube a while back that shows Super C being played from start to finish for those of you who might not be familiar to this classic gem. Time is like water, it erodes classics away from the memories of us all, which is why we have to preserve them right? Right. 


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