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Take a look at this Metal Gear action figure detail

October 9, 2014

The San-Diego Comic Con event will be showing off two new items that every fan of Metal Gear should have in their collection arsenal. First on the table is the new Deluxe HC Convention Edition of every comic that was released for the series.

This includes over six hundred pages worth of material bundled together, with an exclusive front and back cover to boot. It will be on display at the IDW Booth 2643 and will retail for $75. You know the familiar names, Ashley Wood & Kris Oprisko go together like bread and butter.

In addition to this fine new bundle, recently was displayed a splendid looking Venom Snake action figure that looks bronze in color. This is one of the finest figures I've seen in a while, and nice touch on the color used in the process.

There is a catch however, as IDW has a policy of limiting 3 per household, and must be picked up at the booth number listed above. A print out of your order placed must be brought, along with a valid identification matching the name placed on the order. Hats off to anyone that manages to get their hands on one of these.

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