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Take a second look at some nice looking Silent Hill posters

October 9, 2014

Another follow up for the new Silent Hill Requiem movie about to begin filming soon, hopefully by the end of May. Gareth Morgan is the director and will also be playing the role of James Sunderland, while Olwen Davies will be playing the role of Heather Mason.

The recent video shows how thankful the team is for the donations made to make the project possible. The original goal was that of $3,000, but ended up being $5,000. That shows you how much you, the fan want to see this project come alive.

For the latest and available posters, which are cool as can be, you can check out the link below, as well as Gareth Morgan's official Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr account. Show your support by liking his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter! I'm sure a few of you were let down by the box office release of Revelations. Some of the complaints were that it didn't have enough of Silent Hill's "game content", with the exception of Pyramid Head, and the Nurses.

So get in on the action and follow the links below so you can keep up with what's happening with Silent Hill Requiem!

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