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Take the pocket edition of Dance Dance Revolution with you

October 24, 2014

Rewind the clock a bit, the beginning of this year when I did an article about Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition. Konami had partnered with United Health Care in an effort to help kids have fun and lose weight at the same time. After all, eating pizza and burgers all day while doing nothing but playing games isn't exactly on a healthy menu.

But wait, isn't dealing with those giant dance mats a little cumbersome? Well not anymore, as Konami has released DanceDanceRevolution Pocket Edition for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch systems, allowing you to take your dance beats on the go.

Requirements for the Pocket Edition are relatively simple, as you will need the AppleTV app. Motion sensors will keep track of your dance moves, while the game keeps a record of your calories and other health factors. It seems more and more people are moving away from home based equipment and steering toward the mobile equivalent these days.

DDR is certainly no exception. You can get your copy right now and check out a few more Konami games at the iTunes App store. Check out a video below to see DDR Pocket Edition in action before you do.


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