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Teenagers react to getting scared by the popular horror game

November 21, 2014

Kids react to this and teens react to that, a title you've probably seen at one time or another if you hang out on YouTube on a regular basis. The author of the video will expose a somewhat "controversial" video to a younger audience, such as the popular "Leave Britney Alone" video performed by Chris Crocker that racked up so many views.

Or it could be most any viral video still circulating around on the Internet today. Such is so with the reaction to the Silent Hills P.T. game demo that was downloaded over a million times by long time fans wanting some more of that horror game action. So in turn it sparked so many views of the video that it seemed only appropriate to do a "Teens React" video to see just that. How they handle playing the demo and you won't be too surprised at how they handle the experience.

To make it a more family friendly video, there was a bit of cussing that was bleeped out of course, since playing the P.T. video was so realistic and such a personal experience that one fellow couldn't handle it. Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima set out on a mission when he decided to get a hand in making a new SH game, and in doing so his intention was to make** in your pants after playing a good dose of it.

Even he himself stated that by simply making this game it could give him nightmares. Rightly so, as there are a number of individuals out there that can't take playing the demo, and have decided to pass this one by when it finally gets released some time in the distant future. So check out the video below, and see how teens react to playing a popular horror game that some would rather opt out in favor of something more pleasant.

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