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Tehipite Middle School is getting fit the DanceDanceRevolution way

October 9, 2014

Childhood obesity has become a serious problem these days, but yet again the fight against it has come in the form of gaming. Something that kids can both buy into and have fun while doing it. Dance Dance Revolution has once again found its way into another school, this time its Tehipite Middle School in Fresno, California.

They are taking full advantage of the popular Konami music game as a part of their P.E. program, and the students their are both getting into shape while having a good time in the process.

Eighth grader Damien Mejines says your moving the whole time, feeling the rush of competition and sweating. Damien prefers DDR over traditional exercise, and it's easy to see why.

A few years ago Konami had formed a partnership with United Health Care to bring a special version of DDR to schools called "Classroom Edition". This version is designed specifically for the classroom as it utilizes up to 48 wireless dance mats, all working with a PC setup and a huge projection screen for kids to watch as they are dancing and exercising. Each student also has their own monitor which keeps track of heart rate, calories burned, time duration, and so on.

A while back I mentioned a school teacher named Carrie Swidecki that not only inspires her students to enjoy exercising the DDR way, but she herself also set a world record for the longest time for dancing to it. Trust me, 49 hours is along time to dance. Exercising is not considered fun, especially by the young, but thankfully Dance Dance Revolution is here to change all of that, one school and multiple students at a time.

via ABC30 News

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