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The 8-bit video game music composers you never knew

October 5, 2014

This is yet another reason why I keep writing these posts. Because there are many more like me out there that take pride in the days of old, when games were bold. Yet for so many of you fans of 8-bit games from the days when Nintendo held the largest market for console gaming, there is one important aspect behind them that you might have never considered if you were also a fan of the game music within them. The composers who created it. Konami had first started out renting and repairing Jukeboxes, but soon got into making games for multiple formats, including computers.

By the time the great game crash occurred from the overflow of Atari games and such, Nintendo had stepped up to the plate to take on the gaming industry. In order to seriously make an impact, they had to do two things. Get decent third party developers, and set a standard for the quality of their games in order to avoid what happened with Atari. One of their biggest developers of course was Konami, bringing big titles to the console such as Gradius, Castlevania, and the classic run and gun shooter game Contra. Hidenori Maezawa was the man behind the mask of that one, and is likely a name you've never even heard of.

Well now you're about to learn a thing or two about the music from the 8-bit era, and the ones who composed them. The name of the series is "Diggin' In The Carts", and they've just released episode two for you check out. Within it you will discover some things you may have never known. So much so it just might make you want to get that old Nintendo back out of your closet, clean the dust off and stick one of your favorite carts in it for another blast from the past. Let's just hope it still works.

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