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The best horror games deserve a great soundtrack

October 9, 2014

What is the one name that usually comes to mind when you think of horror games? It might be Resident Evil for some of you, but for another group it's likely Silent Hill. So who is one of the masterminds behind one of the best horror games in history? That would be none other than Akira Yamaoka of course.

Just about every Silent Hill all the way up to the release of Shattered Memories in 2009 had fingerprints from Akira. That is, until his departure from Konami gaming where he now operates an awesome band based on the series. The first three in the series are my personal favorite, and should always serve as a catalyst for future releases.

Akira served as both composer, and producer for SH, but before that he also had a hand in other classic games such as Contra, Sparkster, and even the famous side scrolling shooter Gradius. Those of you in my age group will remember those and how they gave birth to the famous 30 man and powerup code still used today. So what is he like?

I invite you to read up on that with a full on interview posted at Konami Europe, where he is asked 13 questions and should give you some insight into the man behind the horror music, which is anything but horrible. Take a trip down memory lane from the video below.

via Konami Europe

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