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The Best Is Yet to Come with The Returners video game music

November 6, 2014

Yet another video emerges for Lauren the Flute, except this time she's not alone. Her band, "The Returners" are introducing a new album this weekend, which will be based guessed it. Video Game Music. Lauren is certainly no stranger to the world of gaming, as she has quite a number of game time under her belt, and her passion shows with each new YouTube video upload.

Her latest release yesterday has to do with Metal Gear Solid, specifically a song from the official soundtrack called "The Best Is Yet to Come". Long time fans of Metal Gear should remember that one well.

As usual Lauren gives an excellent performance with her singing skills to say the least, and after hearing it for myself for the first time, it's no wonder I subscribed to her YouTube channel. On another note, if you like what you hear from the channel, you can also sample some of her other work at her bandcamp page as well.

Songs there include favorite hits from games like Final Fantasy VI, Super Metroid, and even beloved RPG hits like Star Ocean 2. Take a listen to her latest release and comment on what you think so far.

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