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The best Konami games make the top 10 list from WatchMojo

February 1, 2015

As long as Konami has been around, very few people realize that the company actually didn't start out making games at all. No, in fact they actually started out in the jukebox business for rentals and repairs. Sounds a little off the beaten path doesn't it? Once they got into the gaming market, they started producing titles for computers, followed by other formats like NES, MSX, and PC-98.

Since then the company has gotten so huge, that they even have a major hand in the casino slot business. So what a better way to celebrate everything they have given the world, than to share with you a cool top 10 best Konami games ever produced. Thanks to the folks at WatchMojo who made this and many other videos which they upload to YouTube on a consistent basis.

If you are a fan of RPG games then you know what comes next. Yes, Suikoden II made the list at the number 8 spot, although I would have loved to see it right up there in the #1 position but at least it did get some well deserved attention. A few well known titles that made the list include hits like Pro Evolution Soccer, a.k.a Winning Eleven, Castlevania SOTN, Dance Dance Revolution, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time.

I'll refrain from telling you what made the number 1 spot, but as for honorable mentions The Simpsons and X-Men are among them. After watching the video, tell me what you think should have made the list in the comment section below.

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