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The best Konami games to add to your collection next year

December 31, 2014

Can you believe 2014 is almost over? Just a few more hours as I write this post, and what a way to top off the old year and ring in the new, with both a video and an idea of the best Konami games to add to your personal collection in the year of 2015. Assuming you haven't already. I personally have my own list, and as a fellow RPG fan, you can bet your last penny what the top position is going to be.

But enough of me, as first let's take a look at the rounds in the recent video uploaded on YouTube. As  rule of the list, these games must not only be published by Konami, but also developed by them or a subsidiary of the company. (Ultra Games) for example. So here we go.

10.) Frogger

Who could forget this timeless classic, unless you never grew up during that era or have simply never heard of it. The game was simple, and yet fun and challenging. Move the frog from one side of the street, river, and whatever other obstacles were in the path to make your way to the other side where it was safe. Classic arcade goodness at its finest.

9.) Pro Evolution Soccer

For you soccer fans, PES has indeed made the list of the top 10, and for good reason too. Also known as Winning Eleven, this long time running and popular football game has given the fans what they craved every year, and the series seems to keep reinventing itself all the time. If you are new to the franchise, or just curious as to what kind of sport game would be fun to play, and not to mention challenging then Pro Evolution Soccer is for you.

8.) Suikoden II

You can't have a top ten list with a top RPG game now can you? Of course not, and Suikoden 2 makes the grade as likely the best of the best in the series that will guarantee you hours upon hours of not only fun game play, but a deep storyline that's full of love, hate, betrayal, challenge, and whatever else you can dream up. For most RPG fans, this is the one that got away, and not that it's available on PSN, I strongly suggest that you purchase yourself a copy and not take part in the outside world for a good while.

7.) Gradius V

This insane and intense shooter game will send shock waves down your spine as you play it. A challenge that you won't soon forget, and not to mention the incredible and well made graphics have made this title worth having in your collection. Some have called it the grandfather of all Gradius games. I can certainly see why. The original classic title is also what gave birth to the famous Konami cheat code.

6.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Who could forget those beloved ninja turtles you grew up watching during the Saturday morning cartoon shows? Even after all this time they are still making waves in both the gaming industry, and with the recent movie release. Bring your friends over for this one for an all out 4 player challenge that will have you coming  back for more.

5.) Dance Dance Revolution

Time to get your groove on with a well known dancing based music game that even those who don't know much about gaming will still recognize. Dance Dance Revolution set the standard and paved the way for other titles that tried to do the same, but failed in comparison with the best of the best. DDR is even now being used as a means of giving kids exercise in schools across the country, and taking the fight to childhood obesity while making it fun in the process.

4.) Contra III: The Alien Wars

A side scrolling run and gun shooter that needs hardly any introduction, as it blasted its way onto the arcade and 8-bit NES system back in the late 1980s, while being the main reason why the Konami code was made so popular. This also has to be the most challenging of all Contra games, as I personally have died more times than I can coun't while playing it. The abundant use of Mode 7 and hardware scaling effects were always a nice touch to boot.

3.) Silent Hill 2

You can make a list of great games without at least one horror game right? Right, and Silent Hill 2 has been hailed as the best one out of famous survival franchise by the fans. It had pretty much everything you could want in a scary game, while keeping on the edge of your seat, and occasionally knocking on the floor. This is certainly one I would recommend adding to your collection.

2.) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania fans will recognize this one in a heartbeat. SOTN set the standard and was the main catalyst for the typical "MetroidVania" type games that soon followed suit. Playing as the half vampire Alucard as the main character, you traverse through a gigantic castle while an incredible symphonic style video game soundtrack plays along the way, which of course is one of the main attractions of pretty much all Castlevania games. This one is considered the best one, and also why die hard fans want the series to stay in 2D format.

1.) Metal Gear Solid

The famous "tactical espionage action" game that has been around since the late 1980s. Directed by the well known Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation 1 system took the series to a whole new dimension. For the first time in 3D, Solid Snake took the challenge of saving the world to your living room by introducing what some fans call a "complex" story line, and mixing it with a cinema type movie feel, all while delivering that awesome stealth action you've come to know over the years.

Now that you know what Konami games are among the best out there, do you have your own personal favorite list? If so, you can add your comments and list in the section below, and I will add it to this post for others to see. Until then. Happy New Year, and here is to another 365 days of gaming glory!

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