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The best MSX Konami games all rolled into one video

February 2, 2015

Ahhh, the glory days of classic gaming. A time when 2D platform games were the ones dominating your TV screen instead of gigantic open worlds filled with the latest in technology. Many prefer a number of games to stay that way, and while there is nothing wrong with huge 3D open worlds games, there comes a time when what you grew up with needs a second wind.

For those of you familiar with the MSX Japanese computer system, you'll remember it being a good source of some of the best Konami games the company had to offer. After all, the first two Metal Gear games on the NES console weren't up to par with director Hideo Kojima's standard of excellence. That's his brainchild and it must not be tampered with and degraded.

The MSX came to the rescue for those two gems in the form of a superior looking game that dwarfed the Nintendo version by far. Aside from that a number of other titles took the system by storm with the kind of quality not seen often outside of Japan. In fact, the United States didn't get much MSX action like a number of other countries did which included the Middle East, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Japan by itself had sold about 5 million units.

On top of that, Hudson Soft was also a major player in the development of games and is now a part of Konami after having been bought out by the company back in 2012. Indeed, you just might see a Hudson game or two spring up in the future as a second release. So let's take a look at some titles that deserve another look thanks to a YouTube video uploaded by StrafeFox.

The top one has no English narration for those who just want to watch the game play for each one, while the bottom one has narration that discusses each title.

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