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The best of Castlevania guitar renditions by GD Game Music Covers

December 1, 2015

I never seem to get tired of these, and for good reason too. Who wouldn't be especially when you are a die hard Castlevania fan right? For the last 28 years, Konami has bestowed us with one awesome vampire hunting game after another.

I personally prefer the classic "MetroidVania" titles myself, as they deliver a true Castlevania experience, while adding the excitement of exploring a giant castle and trying your best to get a 100% map completion status. Along with the series came not only some beautiful artwork and Gothic type graphics, but also a killer soundtrack that to this day is still making quite a few waves.

So much so that there is even a live orchestra called the "Castlevania Concert" which I would love to attend. They have even featured Michiru Yamane, a well known musician who is famous for her handy work in games like Symphony of the Night, which is the grandfather of all the best Castlevania games there are.

But every now and then a lone voice comes out of the crowd to show their talents, and well who says you have to be famous to be heard by others? If you have something to share, then you need a platform to share it on, and that is where blogs like this and YouTube come into play.

This one goes out to Bruno Shinken (Guitar Dreamer) for his awesome performances on three titles you've likely heard of before. Bloodlines for the Sega  Genesis/MegaDrive system, Simon's Quest for the NES 8-bit console, and last but certainly not least is Aria of Sorrow, for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance hand held system.

All are worthy of your undivided attention, and even if you don't play Castlevania games, you will still enjoy these as they are some of the best of the best performances I've seen in a while. Fire away with your comments and which one you like the most in the comment section below.

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Castlevania is such a classic. I've always wanted to be part of the adventure -- going around the castle along with Dracula no less. But of course, a game wouldn't be dope if it weren't for the music. Personally, the music used in the game actually is what draws me to playing it. The sound definitely has an effect when you're playing the game. Among the 3, I liked the Monster Dance GD Remix. It gives the original song the right punch and makes your more excited with your journey.

Looking forward to more of your posts about Castlevania!