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The best of Lara on Castlevania music, a special gift for your ears

November 22, 2015

If the name Lara sounds familiar, it might be because you've played too many Tomb Raider games. At least that's the name synonymous with it. But it is also a game that resonates with Castlevania and a number of other hit titles due to the fact that the music is just so darn awesome. For the last 28 years the Castlevania game series has been known for three key elements.

The fact that it's a fun and challenging game, the Medieval and Gothic type graphics associated with it, and last but not least, the incredible soundtrack that's played along with it for every game released for it.

While we didn't have the almighty Internet back during its launch, thankfully we do now, and in so we as fans can share our love and talents with the rest of the world via blogs like this one and YouTube. Lara has been known to do just that, and has put together three piano renditions for Castlevania music.

Dance of Pales from Symphony of the Night should ring a bell for sure, as it has been hailed as the grandfather of the entire series. Ever since it's launch, it gave rise to the word "MetroidVania", since it seems to use elements from both titles.

The second called "Bloody Tears" should resonate with older gamers, since it's from the classic Simon's Quest, the first Castlevania game to make use of the night and day transition, and gave popularity to the well known catch prhase "What a horrible night to have a curse". But it's always a great day to listen to this particular track indeed.

The third is from the first game released on the NES as well called "Vampire Killer", which has been featured multiple times by musicians, and even found its way to concerts played by large orchestras. Who wouldn't want to witness that? So take a look below and see which one tickles your fancy. They all do in my book.

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