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The best RPG game series ever just found a new home

December 24, 2014

You've been hearing me talk about it for quite a while now, and for good reason. Suikoden is likely the most sought after franchise to ever grace your console system. So after hearing the long awaited news of Suikoden 2 making it to the Playstation Network, it seemed only logical for the Revival Movement to get its own website.

Now the best RPG game series ever has just moved into it's new home. The mission statement they are making is still the same, and that being to bring some long overdue attention to the series in an effort to revive it. Fans are hoping for a new Suikoden 6 game to go into production, something that even the creator Yoshitaka Murayama himself hopes takes place one day.

While your at it, for you newcomers to the scene I either invite you to join us on Facebook today and if you are just flat out new to the Suikoden series, why not give it a try? You can now download the second title from PSN right now thanks to a recent release. You can also check out the interview with the creator himself which will shed some light on his great works of art. A top RPG game worth taking a look at, and after you do you will likely share our enthusiasm for sharing it with others, just as I have with you. The video below says it all.

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