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The birth of Metal Gear had a rocky start with gamers

October 27, 2014

When I speak about the original Metal Gear, most people probably think about the NES version, NOT the MSX2 version. Both were different in a number of ways. First of all, the NES version lacked not only the same design elements as the MSX2 version, but also the Metal Gear nuke machine was replaced with a well, rather wonky type computer. "Complete Garbage", is what Hideo Kojima referred to the Nintendo version, since it was inferior to the MSX2 title obviously. Its follow up, "Snakes Revenge" was done without the knowledge or involvment of Kojima, which of course was a big mistake.

This had a bright end to it though, as it gave birth to what has to be one of my personal all time favorite Metal Gear games, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. If Snake were to get any sort of "Revenge", this had to be the one to do it. Quite a number of you reading this have likely never even heard of the proper sequel to the first Gear title, but this was it. Boasting superior graphics than its predecessor, Solid Snake is a classic gem that time had forgotten. But thanks to the recent "Legacy Collection", you can now play it in its official HD glory. Thank you Konami for making that happen, the world needed it. I invite you to give the video below a good watch if you've never played this one, as it deserves a second look if you're a fan of the series.


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