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The boys and girls club of Southern Nevada uses DDR: Classroom Edition

October 22, 2014

DDR: Classroom Edition (DanceDanceRevolution) will be heading to yet another part of the world where youth, and healthy fitness are an issue. This time it's the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada. A while back United Health Care and Konami formed a partnership to help take the fight against childhood obesity to yet another level.

It came in the form of Dance Dance Revolution. The Classroom Edition of the new DDR style exergame focuses on covering a wider audience, one where up to 48 people can participate.

There are 48 dance mats spread around a typical classroom, all connected to a PC via wireless, and the students or children each wear a device which records elements like calorie burning, duration of the exercise, and heart rate monitoring.

Currently more than a third of Nevada's children suffer from obesity, as well as about a third worldwide. DDR makes exercising fun for the children, encouraging them to want more, by making the experience enjoyable while teaching them the importance of staying fit.

Konami also recently showcased their exergame at the BETT convention in London, and continues to inspire and spread awareness of "Classroom Edition" to help bring the fight against obesity to its logical conclusion.

via News-Medical

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