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The Castlevania arcade game some of you never knew about

June 28, 2015

Now that is a cheesy arcade flyer if I ever saw one. Then again that is classic 1980s style for you, and we still love it today. For those of you who move in vampire hunting circles since its inception, you probably know the name "Haunted Castle".

The name rings a bell for those like me who grew up during the 1980s, which was the golden age of gaming, and a time when it was finally moving away from the low quality games that the Atari 2600 era brought us, and into a realm of decent games actually worth having in your living room.

But also it was a time when arcade games were rising to their peak, and while here in 2015, rare is a time when you can actually find a decent arcade around your local area, much less one that still showcases the games you grew up with. Gone are those days, but not forgotten if fans like me can still help it.

Castlevania itself was a name that took its lion's share in dominating the late 80s, early 90s, and even now with the recent Lords of Shadow 2 release, although long time die hard fans will tell you in a heartbeat that the series belongs in the side scrolling platform arena, and should always stay there.

Well through another lost classic gem on the grill, because this is the first arcade Castlevania game to ever grace your local pizza joint or laundry mat, and it has a few statements to  make to boot.

Also called the translation of "Devils's Castle Dracula", or Akumajō Dracula (悪魔城ドラキュラ), Haunted Castle follows the quest of the beloved hero Simon Belmont as he ventures into Dracula's castle to rescue his wife Selena. Released in 1988 for the arcade, it would not be for many years until this title saw the light of day on the Playstation 2, but on in Japan. Don't you hate it when that happens?

This is of course your traditional Castlevania style game, with 6 levels awaiting you, each with its own boss fight, the kind you're used to seeing in the NES title such as Meduse, Frankenstein, and of course the head cheese Dracula himself. The game characters are not unlike what you've seen in a traditional game in the series, featuring hunchbacks, fishmen, skeletons, and zombies.

As for the weapons systems, you can expect more of the same as well. Your main weapon being that of a whip, and you obtain "sub-weapons" that aid your quest such as bombs, stopwatches, torches, boomerangs, and my personal favorite, the cross.

Generations come, and generations go, and mine is no different, but if this article does anything to resurrect knowledge of this sweet gem as Dracula seems to do every 100 years, then all is not lost. Posterity is an important concept for the future of gaming, and classic games deserve their place in the history books as this title surely does.

Give it a try today if you can, and by that I know.....the way that it's done in this day and age on the Internet. It's called M.A.M.E., or Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. You can figure the rest out if you haven't already.

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