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The Castlevania I & II condundrum as told by a funny cartoon

August 9, 2016

Time to start off Castlevania cartoon & video week (or even longer) with a know. Instead of ending with a bang for once.

Ah to go back the the good old days of gaming. A time when the first thing on your mind when you got home from school, was to slap your new Nintendo game in your console, and have at it for the next 5 hours. Provided your parents weren't yelling at you about your homework, or doing some work around the house instead.

Running through the halls of Castlevania, and seeing how far you could make it before you got killed, was the highlight of discussion the next day on the bus with friends, who in turn tell you about their game experiences.

Now that the Internet has taken over most forms of discussion, that being social media, chat rooms, and whatever else you can dream up, it only seems logical that even homebrew cartoons have made their rounds on the world wide web as well.

That being the wonderful world of Castlevania games........and some of the hard moments and somewhat funny antics you had to put up with while storming through Dracula's castle. Like how many times you ran into an enemy, or obsticle only to get knocked back and into the water or down a hole to your death. painful.

Well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade my friend. Just as this fellow has done with a funny cartoon parody that will bring back some of those pleasant, and not so pleasant memories from the days gone by.

In the second part of the video you will take note of that infamous line in Castlevania 2 where it changes from day to night and says:  "What a horrible night to have a curse".

Who could forget that one. Oh, and the funny typo that was left in the game where it states: "You now prossess Dracula's rib." Typos are nothing new, as they occur in many games (especially RPG games where there is much story and text), but that one is usually one of the few in the world of vampire hunting that has been a bit viral in gaming.

So what a better way to take out your frustrations, than to summarize it all up in a cartoon short, one that will have you laughing. Rather than dying over and over that is.

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