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The clash of the titan Pro Evo soccer games

November 13, 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer has been going through what I like to call a "mid-life soccer crisis" over the last few years. Back in 2012 it had literally gotten to a point to where it was maxed out on its current engine features, and needed a fresh new start. Such a start that would once again capture the eye of long time soccer fans yearning for something new.

Konami found it in the form of not only the Fox Engine, but a new game play system that was supposed to put it back on top of the world again. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but nonetheless it was still a great release, but needed something more. Then came the master plan. Let's call upon some outside help from the big experts in the European market, and this time make full use of the Fox Engine's power.

PES is born again with the 2015 edition, but how well does it stack up against FIFA this year? Hey!, that's like asking who is going to win the next world series isn't it? The long running FIFA vs PES agenda has long been on the minds of soccer fans, and the ball keeps getting kicked back and forward each time depending on a number of factors. FIFA seems to have the official license round ups that die hard fans want, while PES seems to have a game play style that appeals to other fans.

It's been give and take over the years, and while this is a news blog and in now way a review site, I do advise you to check the trailers, download the demo and see for yourself before heading to your local game store and forking out 50 bucks or so for what will likely be one of the last game releases for the year of 2014. Take a look at the trailer below, and then head over to here to get your copy of the demo for some footy action.

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