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The classic MSX hit Akumajou Dracula makes the Wii-U lineup

December 12, 2014

The MSX computer system was a gem that seriously needs more attention. After all, it was the system that saw the release of the second "true" Metal Gear 2 game Solid Snake. On another front, it also saw what some would call the classic Castlevania game before its time, while others refer to it as the "cousin" to the 8-bit Nintendo version of Castlevania.

Akumajou Dracula is the name, and hunting down vampires is the game like so many others. Also known as Vampire Killer in European territories, this shiny token of gratitude just so happens to be making it to the Wii-U virtual console as of next week, December 17th. That is the good news of course, but as of right now only for Japan. There is no word as of yet if it will make it to other parts of the world, but being an MSX fan myself one can at least dream for the moment. 

I also owned a number of MSX games from Konami including KnightMare and Penguin Adventure. Those were the days to live, and thanks to this new Wii-U launch at least the folks in Japan can get relive a classic title worthy of a second look.

As for the rest of the audience who may not be in the know, take a look at the long play video from YouTube below to get an idea of how the game plays and looks. Perhaps if enough demand is out there, this vampire killing adventure can be added to your collection someday soon.

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