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The classic shooter game Gradius joins the arcade lineup

December 26, 2014

Growing up during the 1980s and being a fan of the classics I for one remember how fun and challenging Gradius was. The shooter game that made the Konami code famous on the NES version. Who could forget the code to get full fire power, especially when you certainly need it in order to get through such a tough game.

If you had an advantage controller with rapid fire, that was also a big help too. So for those who want to relive those days gone by can do so again this January, as the arcade archive on PS4 will be getting Gradius added to its lineup.

While the series itself seemed to have set a standard for many shooters out there, the list of spinoff titles has also gotten enormous over the years. Remember Parodius?......some of you do. The word "Parody" and "Gradius" mixed together to make yet another side scrolling shooter with a twist. Known for its unusual bosses and odd power-ups, it did possess many of the same aspects you've come to know from the series.

Additional options? Check. Missiles and weapons upgrades? Ditto, and that wasn't the only sharp knife in the kitchen drawer, as more titles soon followed in its footsteps, like the somewhat "Sexy Parodius" which didn't make it to some parts of the world due to some controversial material in the game that was considered to be inappropriate to a younger audience.

Oh, and let's not forget the famous Vic Viper ship, one that you can even purchase a model of if you can catch one in stock.

 You can purchase the arcade version of Gradius in January for your PS4 system.

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