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The Dance Dance Maniacs at Penn State have their own revolution

October 19, 2014

When is the last time you stepped on a Dance Dance Revolution machine and put your skills to the test to keep up with those rapidly moving arrows? It might have been a while, if ever, but a few students who attend Penn State have started their own club based on the long time running game, and they are calling themselves the "Dance Dance Maniacs".

So much so that they even took the time to make their own modified machine, even though they put quarters in the machine just like anyone else would do.

Their custom "In The Groove" machine, located in the Waring Commons Cultural Lounge along with their DDM club, also has a president and vice president, Rebecca Krish, and Vice President, Adam Stirzel. When interviewed about their *outside the classroom* routine dance session, they replied in regards to their dancing skills. “Occasionally we’ll do silly things at club.

One of the funny things we’ve done is one person to an arrow… it’s actually a lot harder than it looks”, also getting involved with THON, and trying to attract a bigger crowd to join in on the fun. “We’ve played around with different ways to get involved with THON so when they approached us it was the perfect opportunity.” 

Just how big have they gotten over the years? Their current membership runs about 40 people, and growing. Some show up to add to the dance, while others just enjoy a good watch. These Dance Dance Maniacs even have their own Facebook page. Yes, you heard right, you can go their right now and check it out if you are a DDR fan. Show your support, make new friends, or just take a quick look at it for a nice smile. The photo below says more than I can say, so dance the night away.

via OnwardState 
DDM on Facebook
DDM on Vimeo

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