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The directors top favorite moments in Metal Gear history

October 19, 2014

What are your top favorite moments in gaming history? Times when you wanted to just fall out of your chair? Was it somewhere in Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, or perhaps Suikoden 2? Whatever the case may be, Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima has put together his own list of his favorite moments in history, with of course, Metal Gear!

After about 27 years of being put through the ringer of producing one title right after another, one must have asked themselves at one point or another what his best moments were in MG history.

IGN slapped the video on YouTube just a few days ago, and I thought I would bring it to your attention so you could get a taste for yourself. The video stars him of course, talking about his best segments, while starting with the original Metal Gear Solid from way back in the Playstation 1 days. He doesn't speak a drop of English, so expect there to be subtitles in the video, but he explains himself well as footage from past MG games rolls by. Hope you enjoy it!



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