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The evolution of Silent Hill games over time

October 29, 2014

The Silent Hill game series is something that has come a long way, starting from the original on the first Playstation back in the late 90's, to last years release of Silent Hill Book of Memories for the PSVita hand held system. Since the beginning the saga has undergone so many changes, that unless your a die hard Silent Hill fan you might have a hard time remembering them all.

Some say the second Silent Hill game introduced on the PS2 was likely and still is likely the best in the series. It also introduced us to which is now an iconic figure called Pyramid Head, the famous monster you really had to watch out for in SH. Homecoming in the series introduced us to our now beloved Heather, who had a really odd destiny of her own. Last year we saw Downpour for the PS3 and Xbox360, which made use of the Unreal engine, breathing some much needed new life in it.

Where Silent Hill goes from here is anybodies guess, but we do know the famous Fox Engine will be used for it, even though the series rather operates in a closed environment.

NOTE - I do realize there are other Silent Hill games in the timeline not shown here, like Origins.....these are meant to show a few select choices in Silent Hill history and not all of them. Do feel free to post your comments if you can name every one. Feedback is welcome.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill Homecoming

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