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The Famicom game system is now in its 30s

October 27, 2014

This makes many of us feel old, and yet brings a tear to your eye as we take a good look back in time at the Famicom game system. Short for "Family Computer", the classic 8-bit system we grew up with has reached its 30th anniversary! Nintendo themselves had gotten in on the celebration, as last year they had a short while where you could get titles for 30 cents per game! Not a bad deal at all, good call Nintendo.

With the sluggish sales of the Wii-U and questionable future for it, this should make owning one a bit more worth it than before. So why don't we take a good look at some Konami hits that helped make the Famicom such a great classic gem shall we? Here are some that should be on the 30 cent list if we are lucky. 


The shooter that was too hard to play for some, unless you made good use of the Konami code that was left in the games programming by mistake. This is one shooter that probably was the catalyst for not only many other shooters to mimic, but also spinoffs for other Gradius based games, such as Parodius. I surely wouldn't mind paying a mere 30 cents to have this one, Nintendo willing.


Contra - Gryzor - Probotector

All three of those names apply, as their respected names depending on the country of origin. Let's just call it Contra here. A model run and gun side scrolling shooter, Konami hit the nail on the head with a great title that was also a bit frustrating to play if you didn't once again make good use of the Konami code. 30 lives is sometimes a must with this classic gem. Let's hope this will be one of the titles that makes the 30 cent list.


Track & Field II

Who could forget the game that housed a ton of games? This is another that I personally owned and played every chance I got, just to qualify higher in the rankings. Track & Field II offered even better looking events than the first title did, and made it fun in the process. A classic worth having if you own a Wii-U or other applicable device. There are so many events to choose from for whatever Olympic sport that tickles your fancy.



We can't leave out the beloved whipping action of Simon Belmont now can we? As a die hard Castlevania fan, this one is the one that started it all. It's been a bit of a roller coaster over the years, with certain titles not being as good as previous ones, but this one will always stand out as the grandfather of the classics. It also made the Vampire Killer song so popular, with music artists doing their own versions really well.


The original Metal Gear

I just had to include this one, as you just have to have that tactical espionage action that Metal Gear has been known for. A classic that was originally released for the MSX2 system, but was altered and released again for the NES / Famicom console. A very young and eager Solid Snake graced our presence for the first time for most people, as they had never heard of the MSX2, let alone the fact that it was in Japanese. You can't keep a good Metal Gear game down. Definitely worth the 30 cents if Nintendo decides to do that for this fine gem.

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