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The flip side of Castlevania with Maria Renard in Nocturne in the Moonlight

March 30, 2015

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The Sega Saturn was likely one of the most underrated and under appreciated systems ever produced, and yet it yielded quite a number of awesome games for the world to enjoy. If you were lucky enough to own one that is. When the two titans launched back during the mid 90s, I myself was left with a choice to either go with the Playstation, or get a Sega Saturn.

I chose a PSX at first, but fortunately later on after seeing some of the great games that were being produced for Saturn, I decided to dig deeper into my pockets and get one. Two of my first encounters were the Dungeons & Dragons collection, which required a 4 meg cart to play, and a somewhat alternate version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night called "Nocturne in the Moonlight".

With NITM you could actually play as Maria Renard as a main character, rather than as a sub character as you did with Rondo of Blood when it launched on the PC Engine before it. This was the real deal. Maria was full grown, had some awesome special moves and tactics, and the entire game was pretty much like SOTN was on the Playstation, except for a few differences here and there.

Differences such as the game music soundtrack, which was arranged a a bit unlike its PSX counterpart. You also had the ability to use Richter Belmont, aside from Maria or Alucard.

Both versions were a monumental achievement for both creator Koji Igarashi, and famous composer Michiru Yamane. Two shining examples of how a proper Castlevania game should be made. Don't take it from me, just ask the fans, who these days are starving for another phoenix to rise out of the ashes and take the series back to the roots that made titles like it, Rondo of Blood, Super Castlevania 4, and Order of Ecclesia so great.

It can be done again. The question is when, and who will that be?

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