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The future of the Contra game series and where it's headed

October 19, 2014

Konami's top 4 flagship games have almost always been Metal Gear, Castlevania, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Silent Hill. But what about the lesser known titles that seemed to have gotten lost in same cosmic void that one of your socks goes when tossed in the dryer? A new Contra game is in order, and one that not only needs to be brought back to the gaming world, but also rebooted and reinvented in the worst way.

Dave Cox, the producer of the Lords of Shadow series sees fit to do such a title, and would love to take Contra and give it the breath of life he believes it desperately needs. But as the witch from The Wizard of Oz once said, these things must be done delicately.

“If someone were to do Contra, to say hypothetically, it would be like a new IP in many ways. We are hardcore gamers, we played those games, but there are a lot of people that don’t know what Contra is. They have no idea. There is a massive audience out there, they play Call of Duty and love those games, but they don’t know what Contra is.

I think if we were going to reintroduce something to that audience. It has to be new, unique, it’s got to stand out. It’s got to have a new idea, something really cool about it that’s never been done before.” replied Cox, when asked in August of last year by Siliconera.

Contra Evolution was simply a remake of the classic title that Konami released back in the old 8-bit NES days, but what of its future? How do you take a famous side scrolling shooter, and bring it to the 3D world without screwing it up?

Many believe Castlevania should never have done that, and fear that if Contra did the same thing, it would never be the same again. And what of you, the player? What do you think you would like to see in the next Contra game, and how would you go about it?

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