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The future of the Suikoden Revival Movement with co-founder Chris Holmes

March 30, 2015

Now that both Suikoden 1 and 2 are out on PSN (Playstation Network), where does the Revival Movement go from here? Some thought we would never get this far, while others likely gave up a long time ago. Still many held steady as we got the word out, and watched our numbers on Facebook steadily grow more and more in numbers. Thankfully, Konami finally listened, and the reward was well worth it.

The two best Suikoden games, and quite frankly the best RPG game series ever created is now available for PSN, and thus for your PSVita hand held system so you can take the action on the road with you. But does it end there. Seriously, does it get any better than this? Of course it does, but only if you are as passionate about it as the rest of us are. Your help is needed, and don't think for one second that there is nothing you can do to contribute.

The future of Suikoden hangs in the balance, and is one that you can make happen on other formats besides just PSN. Android and iOS just for starters. The mobile market is getting bigger and bigger all the time, so there are many who want a great game to take with him on the run. Also we are looking to get Konami to release Suikoden 3 as well, which would also be a really nice addition!

So what can you do to help out? I sat down, and came up with a list of ideas that will both help the Revival Movement, as well as get our new webpage up higher in the rankings with Google as well. Let's take a look at a few ideas, and some of them just might surprise you a bit.

Operation Reverse Tactical Advantage

What is "Operation Reverse Tactical Advantage"? Simply put, it is a way of boosting the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) of our new web page for the Suikoden Revival Movement located at

So how will this be accomplished? Through social media sites, forums, personal profile pages, pinterest, and whatever else you can think of. It can be anyone that you choose. If you have an account there by all means feel free to add a link to your own social page.

This can be StumbleUpon, Reddit, MySpace, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Digg, or even a social bookmarking site that you use to store your favorite bookmarks. It can also be done via forum posts, just try to make sure the forum is game related so moderators won't get mad and trash your account.

Now here is the reason why and this is important, so please listen closely.

Google's algorithm is based in a large way on how popular a site is. The more popular it is, the more "weight" that site will have in determining the position the site will have in Google's page results for any given keyword. Google takes into consideration how many backlinks a site has when deciding how well that site gets ranked for specific search terms. This is at the heart of what is called "SEO", or Search Engine Optimization. SEO experts use it all the time in getting new sites ranked high in results.

Now just any backlink won't do. The backlink itself must also have a "dofollow" attribute in order to be counted as a significant link. That sort of thing is determined by the site administrator and if they append "nofollow" attributes to links an account user makes, there is nothing you can do about it.

But don't worry about that, because even that type of link can still be useful, as some search queries will still yield results that help. For example, did you ever do a search on how to beat a boss in a game or other related matter, and one of the results that came up were people discussing that very thing on a forum site? Yeah, me too,...and that's exactly what I mean.

OK, so this all sounds a little too cryptic still? Let me try to explain it this way. Do a Google search for the search term "Suikoden" without the quotes that is, and what do you see come up? That's right, you see a wika page for it, and not too far down the list guess what you see? That's RIGHT! US! The Suikoden Revival Movement Facebook page comes up for like the 3rd or 4th result.

Now why is that you ask? It's just another Facebook page out of millions of others, so how is it coming up near the top of page 1 on Google? Well, guess what? It didn't used to be like that, and took a while to get there. The reason it has such a high position is because it has well over 26,000 likes! That sort of thing is taken into account when weighing how relevant a page should be in Google's search results. Now you know why I am emphasizing so much on getting Suikoden followers to add our new web page link to their social media accounts!

You see, it's a seriously tough job getting big name sites like IGN, Gamespot, Siliconera, and Polygon to pay attention to us and do an article for us, while at the same time putting a backlink to our FB page. But in doing so that also has helped out our rank in getting noticed in the the search engines.

Take a look at this for instance. When you run a backlink check for using a tool that I used called "Majestic SEO" at, then here are the return results.










Yes, you probably didn't know about that little tidbit of information did you? Our beloved Facebook page has well over 2000 external backlinks pointing to it, and almost 70 independent sites, many of them being popular game related site like who was nice enough to do an article about us! When more and more sites do that, it gives that link more weight in search results.

Of course, now the fact that this is a Facebook page is also a factor, because as you know itself has tons of backlinks, just as has even more, which is why many times when you do a search, a Wikipedia page comes up at the top, instead of a person or companies webpage.

While other factors also contribute to a sites ranking position, building good backlinks is a great way to get your own site a boost in searches. One key thing to note is that these backlinks must be "natural", meaning they are done by human hands. So don't go using some blackhat SEO tool to generate a ton of automated links. That will get our site trashed by Google in the rankings.

To further explain this, here is another example. Do yet another backlink search for which is neither a popular social media site, nor a wikipedia page and here are the results for it.











See? Suikosource had even MORE external backlinks and independant referring domains pointing to it, and yet our Facebook page still outranked it. That happens a lot, because the big boy sites like Facebook don't need as many backlinks for a single page due to the fact that their own root domain carries so much weight from all the links itself gets. Suikosource still ranks in the middle of the first page, around result number 6. Which is great for the search term "Suikoden"

Finally, let's top all of this off with yet one more final example and some closing statements. Do a Majestic SEO search for which is a Suikoden fan site. You will see these results.










As you can see, for the almighty search term "Suikoden" it sadly managed to land on page 3 of Google's results. Gee, how did that happen?? It has almost the same numbers as our Revival Movement page does, so why isn't it on page 1 instead of on page 3?

The reason is because there are a number of other big name popular sites like and others with the word "Suikoden" listed as a sub-page, such as for example. They will STILL dominate the search results since their root domains have far more backlinks than what you see above, just like I stated above with the Facebook results.

This is how Google decides on what gets ranked, and why. It depends greatly on popularity, and popularity is often decided through backlinks. After all, what happens when you see something cool on the Internet?. Something so awesome you just have to tell someone. You send them a link to it right? Sometimes in the form of a forum post, or social media link.

That link doesn't always go into oblivion my friend. It often gets crawled by search engine spiders at some point, and is used to decide how popular a site is. This is at the heart of Search Engine Optimization, and why it's simply necessary to get as MANY backlinks as possible to our new site.

Some Suikoden Food for Thought

Let me ask you this, why in the name of hell do you see social sharing buttons on just about every site these days? It's because site admins want their material shared with everyone. You yourself have often found out about something just by a shared link alone, otherwise you might have gone your whole life and never knew about it. So let's continue.

Now mind you, the search term "Suikoden" is only one keyword, and while other factors are weighted by Google to achieve different search results, our goal really isn't to get on page 1 of Google and surpass all the big boys with just that. That is just a bit too hard for us underdogs, and our results will come from other terms not used so much by the big sites.

Keep in mind there are hundreds and even thousands of other search terms with far less competition that we will get good search results for. Terms like "Suikoden art" "Suikoden cosplay" "Suikoden tactics", and also understand that search results don't even have to include the word Suikoden, it can be other related terms such as "best RPG games" or "cool Konami games" You know, things like that. Those are known as low competition words, and SEO experts often focus on those to get easy traffic.

You would be surprised to learn all of the terms that get fed into Google every single day! If you want to see examples right now, simply use Google Keyword Planner if you have an account, and type in whatever search term you want, and then you will see many results related to the one you typed in, along with how many monthly searches are done for them.

So that is your crash course in the importance of backlinks alright?, and why I am calling this "Operation Reverse Tactical Advantage" I am calling it that, because while a single person like myself can only make a tiny fraction of a difference when building backlinks here and there, keep in mind that we have access to over 26000 followers, so why not put out a request and get as many of them as possible to use their own social media sites to give our new SRM webpage some much needed backlinks right?

In the end, the results will astound you. Right now our SRM webpage is getting only about 100 page views a day, which is horrible. It will however get more with your support, and it only takes a second for one person to post a link every now and then while they routinely surf the internet. Now imagine that taking place by a few hundred people.

When you think about it, the end results will greatly beneficial to our cause. So ask your friends, your family,  your dog, (just kidding) whoever to put a link on their favorite media site. People spend SO MUCH time on these sites these days, often addicted to them, so it only makes sense to spend just a minute adding a link or two.



Oh yes, the very heart of getting some much needed traffic. Content isn't just meant for our existing followers, but to rather "attract" new ones. You see folks, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites may be massive, but they aren't the beginning and end of the whole world. Many Suikoden fans are still out there, and they simply don't even know that we exist. If they did, our beloved 26,000 likes on our facebook page would be more like 260,000 right? Right, so why isn't it?

Here is the reason. Most people simply do searches for whatever they want or need, and that is it. when they find it that is the end of it, and will be until they need something else related. It's that simple. They Googled it, and found what they needed, and that could have been yet another chance to attract a follower.

For my own experience, according to Google analytics my own blog gets found in search results from search queries you might not think would ever happen. It sometimes occurs from searches for things like "Silent Hill wallpaper" or "watch Yu-Gi-Oh cartoons online". Both are Konami related.

Hell, one search querie I had a high rank for was "Stefanie Joosten age". Stefanie is the woman who posed for the sniper character called "Quiet" in the new Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain game, and it seems from that search querie some young fellow out there likes her and wants to know a bit more personal information about her.

You can tell a bit about your visitors that way, just not who they are of course, but you see what I mean. You would be surprised at some of the things people are looking for, but it all leads to one important aspect about content and why diverse content is so important. Don't be afraid to mix thing up and talk about ANYTHING at all Suikoden related, because you just won't know what folks are looking for until they've found you.

Let's take a good look at some content ideas right now, and feel free to add yours into it.

Cosplay - People love this! Seeing other fans dress up as their favorite characters. Cosplay has gotten so popular in games, movies, and anime, that there are online stores that actually sell outfits based on them! It's true, you can buy an outfit online and go around dressed up like your favorite character, and you're wife will be like WTF! Where did you get that thing?

So even though this is a single subject, there are lots of folks out there doing cosplay, so add pages for them, and if you can contact them, then by all means do so and tell them about the article you just did for them! They will love you for it and may want to join up with you.

Art - Plenty of art out there folks, and each person doing the drawing deserves some attention. Artists WANT TO GET THEIR WORK NOTICED, and they want your praise in the process, so why not give it to them. The benefit yields traffic and possibly a new follower. Everyone wins and is happy.

Video Game Music Soundtracks - Quite a number of those too. I only need to say one word to you. YouTube. I personally drew a new follower who uploaded a video of herself doing "An old Irish Song" from the first Suikoden game. I wrote an article about it, and then told her of it by way of the comment section on YouTube and she loved it! She is now a follower of the Revival Movement.

You too can do that over and over, as there are people doing piano or other renditions of their favorite Suikoden song, and they will especially love it when someone likes what they do enough to post about it! It often happens with those YouTube videos that don't get a lot of views, but don't be afraid to do an article for those that get lots of views, because adding a link in the comment section with a message that praises them for it can often make for traffic and new followers.

Cheats, Codes, and Boss Strategies - An unlikely subject and too often not thought about. That's right, there are quite a few folks out there who get to a point to where they have struggled in a game long enough. They are either looking for a strategy to beat that really hard  boss, or perhaps they've thrown in the towel and just want to give themselves some more money so they can afford that expensive piece of armor or weapon.

Many of us have been there before, and while these practices are sometimes frowned upon, it is still an opportunity to draw new followers and get some more traffic. What this means is we can also add pages that have such things like how to beat this boss, or where this secret is located, or any other Suikoden related subject that you can think of that seems to be popular with fans. A few Google searches on the matter will yield some ideas, so don't be afraid to try this one.

Wallpaper - Oh yes, not the crap inside your house, but fans love Suikoden so much they want to paint their desktop with it just as mine is covered with one right now! Wallpaper can draw some traffic with those hunting for it to add some spice to their computers, and gathering a number of wallpapers and adding a few pages for them can pay off with searches.

Action Figures - We can't leave toys out of this now can we? Has anyone even THOUGHT about this one yet? You can purchase Suikoden action figures online from places like Amazon and Ebay easily, and there are indeed collectors out there that have a mission in life, to own all things Suikoden. So why not use the opportunity to reel in some new followers? So feel free to discuss this and talk about how cool they are.

Discussion of stories and characters - Another great idea. This one also takes into mind those who don't even KNOW about Suikoden, let alone what it's all about! You see, our focus should also NOT be on just those who already know about Suikoden but also for those who don't know about it, and yet are gamers or even RPG fans. This is a great way to talk about what each game in the series is about, their storyline, characters, and so on. Approach this from an angle that says to others that "This is why this game is so great!" "This is why you should play it!"

Talk about how rich and deep the game gets involved with the characters, and how the game is filled with tear jerking moments of joy, hate, betrayal, and passion. Make them want to play it, and if they weren't a fan before, they will be after they play it for the first time. This has to be one of the BEST ways to keep the spirit alive with the Revival Movement, by attracting NEW fans and showing Konami that the love for the series will never be laid to rest.

IMAGE Searches - Another thing people don't realize is that search results for "images" also count. That's right, when add images to your site it is yet another way people can find you. It happens to me all the time. Even though they are not as fruitful as page landing views, they still have their place as the one doing the search may get curious as to where the image came from.

Amazon reviews - Oh yes. A great idea that Chris Holmes himself brought up. If you see a Suikoden game on Amazon, why not give it a review. It also doesn't have to just  be limited to Amazon either, it can be anywhere that it asks for feedback. The more the merrier. Getting the word out is always key to success.

YouTube Videos - Maybe you would like to make a boss strategy, or show the YouTube community how to find certain secrets. Anything is great if you feel it necessary, just make sure to put a link below your video back to either the webpage or the Facebook page to spread the word and help get traffic and new members on board.

A few ideas rolled into one paragraph - Yeah this is getting quite long for you. But hang with me another minute or two. Here are some other ideas. Pinterest, a Blogspot account, Wordpress account, an article submission at places like or EzineArticles is a GREAT place to start. After discussing all of these things, let it build upon your own ideas of adding new content.

Don't be afraid to experiment and if it is Suikoden related, it will get noticed at some point. Content is meant not just to existing followers, but gaining new ones while you're at it. Your imagination is far greater than you realize, and the rewards will pay off in the end more than you could ever know.

 A few other ideas of linking back also involve profiles, forum posts on game related sites, group posters, web 2.0 submissions, social pin, wiki based sites, arcade profiles, and blog comments. You have multiple opportunites just by surfing around normally, and seeing a place to add a link back. It all adds up, and if one person does a little, and multiple people are participating, then a little becomes a lot. Spread this text file around to friends and ask them to do the same.

Take a look at the new video below, with Suikoden Revival Movement co-founder Chris Holmes, and it should give you some more inspiration, if this post hasn't already. It doesn't take a lot of effort, and a little effort from multiple people can really make a difference. Will you be a part of that effort? I hope you will. Cheers!

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Cool intro sequence! I love seeing this level of Suikoden commitment