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The good, the bad, and the funny arcade flyers from your childhood

August 28, 2015

I never get tired of these, and perhaps it's because they are a special part of my childhood, and bring back memories of a better time in the world of arcade games. Around 1992 the arcade industry had basically peaked out in its popularity, and were on a slow but steady decline ever since. The reason?

Well, as time goes on, technology improves and along with it the cost of making those huge arcade boards. You started to see the tide shifting due to how much it cost to make a game, versus the cost of owning and running a place to put them all in the hopes that enough players will show up to justify it all.

Along side that, you had console technology improving, and gamers were asking themselves what is the purpose of going to an arcade and emptying out their pockets to play a game that was either already at home in some form or another, or at least well on its way. I remember the satisfaction people had when Street Fighter 2 was released on the Super Nintendo, and Capcom did a fantastic job keeping everything in tact.

After all, if you can own them game, why take a drive and play it elsewhere? Good question, but as always there was a side effect, and one that ultimately killed the arcade business.

So here we are now in 2015, those days are long gone, and with it an experience that left most of us trying to recapture past glory, and a time that will never come again. Thankfully there is M.A.M.E......or "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator" which is a testament that will never allow these games to vanish from our lives forever, and emulators do have their place in least from a preservation stand point. 

So what a better way to spread some more love than to take another look at some of the best, funny, and just plain weird in the realm of well....., arcade flyers?  Yes, flyers, and in something that too often overlooked and far under appreciated in my opinion.

You won't believe some of the lengths companies like Konami have went through to capture your attention, even if some of them did make you spill your coffee in your lap. Get ready to laugh, cry, and perhaps generate a smile or two.

No, not the cleanser you see at the store or use to wipe your windows, this is hardcore shooting at its finest. Too bad the good looking woman doesn't come with the game, but just simply as one of those advertising features to get the guys to look in the general direction of the game. Right?

Oh how I love the 80s, a time when shooter games and women mix like water and kool-aid............HEY! That looks like the same woman again!? On second thought maybe not, but the clothing does seem to be close to the genuine article. Are you starting to get jungle fever yet?

Some artwork straight out of the halls of a comic book store. Those who grew up watching the G.I.*JOE Saturday morning cartoon should give this one a dash of more appreciation. Those times will never come again unfortunately.

Yes, it's time to laugh......really hard. With a Dracula costume that look like it was bought at Wal-Mart, this has to be on of the silliest and corniest flyers ever made. Another pretty lady to boot, and I just can't seem to look past that funky hair style form the 80s either. Hair spray at the height of its popularity.

We can't leave out the heroes in a half-shell now can we? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles even to this day are still making waves with the fans, and just celebrated their recent film release last year. One look at the arcade flyer will have you saying "cowabunga dude". 

It needs no introduction, as it's been doing it ever since the late 80s after having been a short segment on the Tracey Ullman Show. Looks like fun for the whole family, as long as mom doesn't have a cow man.

It must be attack of the 80s hair with this blog post today, and while Konami seems to have a gift for putting beautiful women in their arcade flyers, they also have a knack for making awesome games, and if you haven't played Vendetta yet, I suggest you hunt it down and give it a whirl. Classic platform fighting at its best, with a burning desire to come back for more.

As a fan of the vintage and older arcade games, I feel it's always a moral responsibility to point out these lost in time gems, as these days it seems too many gamers have their heads buried in the sands of Call of Duty games and whatever else happens to be the huge seller for the moment.

After all, it's only for those moments that some games get. The real treasures like these above tend to last quite a bit longer. 

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