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The Google Chromebook meets the Konami cheat code

October 29, 2014

Let me take you back a few years, I mean way back, to 1985 when Gradius first graced our world with its side scrolling shooter goodness. If you played that one you remember how difficult it can be. A certain code we all know and grew up with came to the rescue for it. Do you remember what it was? Of course you do, the famous Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, START.

The same code was also used in other games as well, such as Contra, and LifeForce. Two other games that might have been difficult for some, but with the addition of 30 extra men, how can you fail now? The Konami code has caused a ripple effect and became so widely known that here we are in 2013 and many people still remember it. I guess there are some things that even time can't wash away.

Now it seems that someone or some software programmer at Google is also a fan of Contra and Gradius/LifeForce. Why is that? Because they put the darn Konami code into their awesome Pixel Chromebook! This cool Easter Egg gift was likely done by someone, male or female, that obviously grew up in the 80s and just like you and me, loves Konami games!

That's quite alright by me, and it makes me want one of those cool Pixel Chromebook laptops, which has been called the Lamborghini of laptops, and for a good reason too. That sucker runs about $1,300 just for the Wi-Fi only version. The full Verizon 4G setup adds another $200 I believe to the price tag, and then you have to sign up for a plan just for that. Anyway, getting back to the 30 extra men code.

Take a look at the light sequence on the Pixel Chromebook and you'll see that the LED lights are flashing the code itself. From what I understand even Google themselves aren't commenting on the Easter Egg Konami code. But who cares, it's still darn cool. For those of you who want to take a walk back in time with Gradius and Contra, take a look at a couple of videos that are basically speed runs through the whole game if you want to check them out. Code or no code, not a bad couple of videos.

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