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The history and evolution of the Nintendo Entertainment System and its games

May 31, 2016

It's been many a year since the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) has graced our living rooms hasn't it? For those of you who grew up during the 80s, and even for those of you who want to take a blast from the past, there is no better way to do it than to experience all the world has given us through gaming.

Classic gaming now to be more precise, and while it may make you feel old, it does bring a tear to your eye to see these games sparkle once again.

After the big crash of the gaming market in the early 80s when gamers were flooded with a deluge of less than quality games, Nintendo rose out of the ashes of what seemed to be a doomed industry to deliver us from the graveyard of some really terrible games.

Along with it came an army of third party supporters, Konami helping to define what would soon to be a buffet of some of the best games you've ever played. Titles that still draw attention today like Contra, Metal Gear, Castlevania, and too many to mention in one post still reign supreme even today.

Thankfully the folks over at Polygon shared a cool video that puts together a bunch of games combined into somewhat of a "music video" that demonstrates why we shed a tear for these gems.

By *together* I mean of course the sound effects and things you hear from various NES games, along with a healthy does of Super Nintendo and others thrown in for good measure. The musical blend is sure to be one that is pleasing to the ear, and of the good old heart.

Try not to cry too much when you see this, as it is definitely a real tear jerker. Special thanks to the folk(s) to made this video happen, and long live the classics. This is a dying race that needs to have its roots taken seriously once again.

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