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The Hunt for Solid Snake, a 360 Metal Gear comedy that will take control of your eyes

June 26, 2016

Well this is quite a step up from some of the fan material I've seen over the years. A YouTube video that has a full 360 degree environment, and you control it yourself! What does that mean for you? Well for those of you on a desktop, you can simply drag the screen around with your mouse, and for those on tablet or phone, you move the screen around with you.

For those with more of an appetite for VR, you can do it affordably with Google Cardboard. Yeah, that cheap and affordable way for you to experience VR without taking out a bank loan to buy some expensive piece of equipment.

The guys known as The Game Theorists are known for their *theories* so to speak, and they have just launched a really cool 4 and a half minute experience where you can manipulate your surroundings via the screen, while you watch an episode where Solid Snake (role played) infiltrates a base in typical Metal Gear Solid fashion, complete with all of your usual trimmings you see in a MGS game.

This has to be one of the more sophisticated reenactments that I've seen fans do in a long time.

A special thanks to the team for pulling this off, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This could be a catalyst for future videos from other fans, and an excellent idea for game developers to use in future games. Not just Metal Gear of course, but any game for that matter.

The brains behind the video wanted to see what it would be like to make something of this magnitude, and were quite pleased as well.

"For this 360 episode, I wanted to recreate the world of Metal Gear Solid and find out what it would be like to view the game in 360. And what I learned was…it’s awesome! We set up the scenario at a real military supply base and set up a stealth mission for Snake right in the middle of the Game Lab set.

Get your cardboard boxes ready!".......from the official YouTube page. For that, we thank you. Join us next time when we discover why Solid Snake is such a chain smoker......and probably needs to kick the habit.

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