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The idea of a Rocket Knight Adventures remake

October 22, 2014

What happens when you put an opossum in armor and give it a sword? OK, probably nothing in real life, but in the world of Rocket Knight Adventures you get Sparkster, a cool looking character that fights an army of pigs and robots.

Released on the Genesis/Mega Drive back in the 1990's Rocket Knight Adventures was a well received platformer that unfortunately was also lost in time. Nobuya Nakazato was the designer of the game, who also working on titles like Contra: Hard Corps and Shattered Soldier. But is there still room enough in the world for RNA to make a comeback? Sure there is, and one fan wants to see a remake of this classic gem.

Martin Williams is at the helm of a Facebook page called, "Remake Rocket Knight Adventures", which of course is a very appropriate name for it. For those of you who remember the game and how fun it was, perhaps enough waves can be made so that Konami just might actually do that, remake it.

To pay homage to it, here is a great looking image posted on his Facebook page. Fan material indeed.

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