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The Imprisoned Town music from Suikoden 2 meets real life

October 9, 2014

Video game soundtracks are starting to over take regular music it seems, at least in some cases with you and I, the fan. If you know the Suikoden game series, then you know great music, and one lady has taken the time to pay homage to a certain song in what is likely the best Suikoden game of all.

The song titled "Imprisoned Town" from Suikoden II, as performed by dAGh is a violin cover that is done quite well, and is not the only song in the bunch she is known for. This was brought to my attention thanks to the head of the Suikoden Revival Movement, a Facebook page you should check out, and I invite you to join us if you haven't done so yet.

Another one featuring Konami game music also comes from the Castlevania series, which is one I'm sure a lot of you will recognize, "Bloody Tears". This is the second music you hear when playing Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, a title that hit the NES scene back in the late 1980s.

Her album, entitled "Violin Playing Game" can also be purchased by whole, or by individual song title from two locations. Both iTunes and Loudr.Fm have both tracks, among others like "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger, among a few well known others you can sample before you purchase. Give the two links below a try and see what you think of dAGh's handy work.

via iTunes
via Loudr-Fm


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