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The king of Castlevania games weighs in about the past and future

March 14, 2015

He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. Koji Igarashi, or Mr. Castlevania (Metroidvania) creator and brilliant mind behind the almighty Symphony of the Night has a one on one interview with Gamasutra, where he discusses his role in the realm of castle exploration, and his mindset behind making a game that was the formula for success. SOTN didn't happen overnight, and upon its initial release, it seemed that it wasn't going to take off like Konami had hoped.

That soon changed, and now Symphony of the Night is the catalyst for how a true Castlevania game should be. The two top dogs behind what made the series so fantastic were him, along with game music composer Michiru Yamane, both of which had a hand in multiple titles, including another personal favorite of mine on the Nintendo DS, Order of Ecclesia.

So where are they now? Yamane has moved on from Konami, leaving back in 2008, along with Igarashi who departed not too long after. Both are still involved in the gaming industry, with Koji working on mobile titles, and Yamane last sited doing music for Bug Panic and other projects. The question on the minds of many fans is what now?

What now meaning what will the future hold for Castlevania now that the two largest brains behind what made them so great is now only a memory? While Igarashi has put his "dream game" on hold, and by dream game I literally mean that it is his ultimate dream to make another game that is similar to what he has been doing for the past 20 years.

Developers can learn a lot from him, as well as Yamane when it comes to quality content. Making SOTN a gigantic explorable castle was the way to go, and not only should serve as a platform for future games, but also as a lesson to other game companies when it comes to making a title worthy of your wallet. You can read the entire interview in its entirety here.


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