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The Konami code makes the top 10 list of cheat codes with Space Hampster

December 30, 2015

How long has it been now? Yeah, I would say about 30 years, give or take a few months. Since the initial birth of the Konami code that is. What exactly *is* the Konami code? It's not just your run of the mill cheat code that just popped up in some magazine that some dedicated gamer discovered by accident.

The only accident was the code itself being left in the game for others to exploit. How so? Well, let's wind the clocks back a bit, to the mid 1980s ,when Nintendo had basically picked up where a failed Atari left off. Taking gaming to a new level and restoring faith in the industry once again where Atari had left it to turn to dust. 

The great game market crash of the early 80s paved the way for a phoenix to rise from the ashes and deliver us into the promised land of decent games once again. Along with it came third party developers like Konami, who originally started out renting and repairing jukeboxes for those that never knew. Yeah, something that had NOTHING to do with gaming.

One of their hit titles that made its way to the scene was a side scrolling shooter game called Gradius. Not only did it serve as a catalyst for future shooter games that took after it, it also was what introduced the Konami code to the world.

Indeed, it wasn't Contra as so many others believe. Even though when you hear about the code, that is the first thing that pops into most people's heads. It was meant for one thing, as a way for beta testers of Gradius to have a way to make it through the game without too much difficulty, and thus be able to do their job of just that. Beta testing the game.

But something happened along the way. Once the beta testing was done, the code was never removed from the original program, and off to the printing process it went. Code and all. From there it has made more than a few waves in the gaming industry. Making its way to other Konami games, and in recent times even on a number of websites that initiate everything from dinosaurs, to little space ships blowing up parts of the site itself. 

It has even been featured on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook at one point, and now has found its way into another YouTube video as an honorable mention. Space Hampster is his name, and making game related YouTube videos for whatever he likes is his game.

The Konami code, along with a number of other codes you may or may not know about is featured in his video, and I must congratulate him once again on such an occasion, as well as the entertainment factor he is known for in his vids.

Hey, if this keeps up, maybe one day the famous code will have some kind of hall of fame setting for it? You never can tell after all it's been used for over the years.

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