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The last order of the 2D Castlevania games

November 8, 2014

Order of Ecclesia has to be one of my personal favorite Nintendo DS games, and for good reason too. Shanoa, one of the first female characters in the Castlevania game series to win me over in the protagonist department. Sure there was Maria Renard as a playable character in both Rondo of Blood, and the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night, but Shanoa was the one that turned more than a few heads when it released back in 2008.

Just in time for Halloween too. It also marked the end of an era for the series, as Order of Ecclesia was the last in the line of platform Castlevania games to hit the scene. Composer Michiru Yamane, and director Koji Igarashi were at a cross road in their careers, and ultimately now have moved on to other projects and jobs after saying goodbye to a long standing with Konami.

What I'm hearing from die hard Castlevania fans is that they want to see a full return to the "MetroidVania" style games that made SOTN and Ecclesia so great. With Yamane and Igarashi gone, will that even become a reality, and if so to what degree? With the release of Lords of Shadow 1 & 2, along with Mirror of Fate, the future of the series is on the minds of fans everywhere.

The biggest questions on your minds have been, will there ever be another 2D Castlevania like SOTN, and what will the story be based on? Alucard has been a character that's been missing in action for years, (with the exception of LOS2) and many fans want to see him as a main character once again.

If there ever will be another 2D title, the catalyst to be used is pretty clear. I'm not against moving into a 3D realm, but would very much love to see another release based on that which put it on the map to start with. Let  your comments be heard, and tell me what you would like to see from the future of Castlevania. A walk down memory lane if you please.

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