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The man behind the Castlevania realm says goodbye

October 19, 2014

You all know about the site called "StumbleUpon", and Stumble Upon today is exactly what I did, and turned up something interesting. Eurogamer has taken a great deal of time to do an article based on Koji "IGA" Igarashi, going into some pretty deep details about his past, present, and the future for the long time Castlevania game creator.

As you may or may not know, Koji has recently left Konami in pursuit of starting his own game company. Many of you have been wondering what that could mean for the future of Castlevania.

After Michiru Yamane leaving in 2008, and now Koji 6 years later, one has to wonder just that. Does Castlevania have the kind of future that is going to please both new gamers, and those who still cling to the "MetroidVania" titles of the past like Symphony of the Night, and Order of Ecclesia.

While this is an uncertain future, we can at least take the time to read up on the certain past of Igarashi, and the trials and errors the man behind the Belmont whip has undergone in all his years as a Konami developer.

One thing that Koji has always wanted when it came to developing the series, is the free reign to do as he pleased when making a Castlevania title. With SOTN, he was allowed at least a certain degree to do as he wanted with it, and in turn is likely the reason why it was well received with the fans out there.

So if you have about, oh I would say, an enormous amount of time on your hands, and want to find out about Koji's past, and where he is moving to for the future, be sure to check out Eurogamer's long and intense article here.

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