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The man behind the real Silent Hill mask gets a first run at his own game

February 19, 2015

This is not something most would find normal, and yet it's true. Guy Cihi has a video out of him playing Silent Hill 2 for the first time. A Playstation 2 hit that any fan would never forget, and yet this is his first time at playing it. SH2 was and likely is still considered the best, or at least one of the best in the series, and featured the main character Jamesr Sunderland, who Guy is both the voice and face behind in all regards.

It wasn't too long after the initial launch of the PS2 system that Silent Hill 2 graced our living rooms, and delivered to fans of the original title a new experience that was more open world than usual. It also was the introduction of the famous character Pyramid Head, if you remember.

James had originally come to the town of Silent Hill after getting a letter from his deceased wife Mary, and is the object of Pyramid Head to be a punished soul for the death of Mary. While Guy has not performed any more work on any further games, there was also an issue of the re-use of his voice in the Silent Hill HD collection, in which there had been some controversy over residual payments for voice actors.

From what I understand the reactions from it have been mixed in nature, with some saying that the gaming industry has no such residual payouts for unlimited use and that it was pretty much a one time deal. In any case, the original voice is the only voice for die hard fans, and it's nice to see Guy playing a great game that he helped make into such a fine reality. Watch below for Part 1.

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